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How To Incorporate Digital Badges Into Your Marketing Strategy

Badges provide several advantages, such as making a lasting impression, being cost-effective, gaining client loyalty, and building brand recognition. Not only this, but digital badges provide immense value to businesses. As per a report:

The global Digital Badges market size is projected to reach USD 365.1 Million by 2028, from USD 118.9 Million in 2021, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 17.1% during the forecast period 2022-2028. 

Business Revolves Around Catching Attention and Badges Help In It 

Starting a business may not seem difficult. However, registering and spreading the word about it are two of the most challenging tasks imaginable. You must create a top-notch marketing plan to draw the appropriate kind of attention to your company.

Your plan must grab people’s attention and trickle into their minds. You need to ensure you leave a lasting impression on potential consumers. So, the best way to do that is with personalized printed and digital badges that feature your business name.

They view badges as a kind present. On top of that, they are reminded of your company every time they see the badge. Isn’t that incredible? It’s like periodically reminding potential customers of your presence without even letting them know.

Customers view digital badges as a kind act or present, and on top of that, they are reminded of your company every time they see the badge. Isn’t that incredible? 

It’s like periodically reminding potential customers of your presence without even letting them know. Print marketing has undoubtedly raised the bar for advertising and marketing!

What are Digital Badges

A digital badge is a token that marketers can use to virtually acknowledge any achievement. Digital badges are image files that have a lot of information about who gave the badge and what the person who got it did to get it.

The issuer can remove digital badges while they are verifiable as well. It’s a cute little package with lots of opportunities for the badge holder and the issuer.

Top Ways of Incorporating Digital Badges in Promotional Campaigns

1- Creates Lasting Impression

Undoubtedly, digital marketing through social media and other platforms has advantages. However, it still falls short of traditional marketing techniques. Hire professional graphic designers to create the best-customized badges for your company, and have your badges printed in small format to rapidly convert passionate clients into prospective clients.

2- Effective Alternative to Flyers and Business Cards

How often have you received a flyer or business card and actually read it?

To be honest, we rarely read them unless they are extremely exciting. Therefore, instead of spending money on these paper marketing items, invest in something you are confident your target market will want to keep and truly use regularly.

Badges are something that people enjoy. You can ask customers to buy something in exchange for a special badge. Imagine flyers or cards with the following myCred badges and decide for yourself which is more appealing:

3- Affordable Option to Support Your Marketing Budget

It might occasionally be pricey to start using marketing services for your newly launched business. When you start a small business, you already have a small budget, so you look for ways to save money wherever you can.

Getting personalized digital print badges for marketing purposes will be the ideal, cost-effective printing solution you have been looking for. It does not only make them feel special, but it helps you hook your customers and make them permanent ones.

4- Badges Garner Customer Loyalty

You can give badges to your regular customers as a thank-you gift and a little discount in addition to presenting badges to prospective consumers to keep them coming back. They will view this as a kind gesture from your business and will undoubtedly return to take advantage of their discount and display their badge. It’s amazing how much can be accomplished with just a small badge and a solid marketing plan.

5- Use Email Marketing Through Badges

Email marketing is still one of the most efficient ways for businesses to contact clients and deepen those connections, despite the noise of 300B+ emails being sent every day.

The authority of an employee’s communications and brand recognition will enhance the instant an email is opened if they add digital credentials to their email signatures. Displaying employees’ credentials alongside the company emblem helps foster greater consumer and staff involvement.

Encourage badge holders from outside the organization to add their digital credentials to their email signatures. Credentials are a means to build credibility for your earners and improve the perception of your brand in a formal situation.

6- Set Tier Level Badges

You may continue using the conventional badge-based reward strategy, in which consumers earn a specific badge after fulfilling the requirements. Or you could create many achievement levels to make it even more active.

A badge, for instance, might have three stages with varying degrees of competence. Customers strive to earn the “gold” product expert badge so they can publish it on their profile and make their “bronze” badge counterparts envious. Explain the level system and how to advance to the next tier to prevent confusion.

You can award myCred badges like these:

7- Reward Individual Purchase

If you run a business, you undoubtedly thank every one of your clients for doing business with you. You could consider including branded badges with every purchase because it is always worthwhile to go above and beyond to develop a new customer relationship. Although they are not pricey, they make your consumers feel valued.

8- Give Badges to Marketing Events

Festivals, Expos, conferences, and trade exhibitions are excellent occasions to distribute branded and personalized badges. Give them away at a table or a booth, either by themselves or in a package with other treats. You can complement them with branded keychains, mugs, notebooks, pencils, etc.

7- Award Badges Through Contests

Most contest winners merit a badge. If a contest winner has something to contribute, they are more inclined to promote it and the brand that sponsored the contest. Therefore, the next time you award a product to the person who leaves the best remark on your YouTube video, also award them a badge. They will share the badge with you as well.

8- Badges Through Influencers

All brand-supporting influencers, whether compensated or not, should wear badges. This is a fantastic approach to identifying your official influencers and giving them the means to announce their success to the world.

Also, they can share the emblem on their social networks and display it on their individual websites. These badges should be given only to influencers who share your brand’s ideals. However, keep in mind that you can remove the badge at any time if necessary.

Best Way To Get Badges for Your WordPress Website

To create a mechanism where you can assign badges to your customers, you need to install a plugin. myCred is a top-notch WordPress plugin that can help you incorporate digital badges into your website that you can award to your customers…

myCred offers you 40 unique and aesthetically designed digital badges. These badges are available in Gold, Silver & Bronze categories.

If you purchase myCred’s treasure licenses, you will get limitless access to every update for a one-time payment. 

myCred Badge Pricing

Basic license – $29

Extended License – $89

Wrap Up

The digital badge market is expanding due to the IT sector’s expanding use of online certification. Around the globe, these badges are generally recognized and have the same amount of recognition as physical badges. Utilizing digital badges, businesses may streamline the hiring process, too, apart from facilitating marketing strategies.