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How Gamification In Fashion Is Influencing Fashion Freaks

Gone are the days when people had time for shopping, and they used to try multiple outfits using the changing rooms before purchasing any outfits. The fashion world has brought a great revolution in the process and adopting gamification in fashion to drive more sales and generate more leads.

Gamification fashion

The fashion industry owners have the same concept about gamification. Yes, they believe that fashion gamification is all about incorporating the gaming mechanic into the non-gaming contexts, and it eventually grabs the customers’ attention. It is when they are offered great discount deals and exciting experiences.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, fashion brands reached different media channels to reach their customers who are desperate to escape the walls of their houses for physical shopping. The brands and retailers involve more in the gaming market to boost the shopping experience by implementing the gameplay mechanics.

Have a look at the research paper for gamification in fashion:

According to the research, Donatiello et al. (2018) expressed the importance of gamification in a virtual dressing room called Fashion Island. The purpose of building this virtual room is to provide customers with an outstanding shopping experience; they can dress up their avatars by opting for the dresses and accessories they like to purchase. This gaming process helped customers to check how well they look after wearing a particular dress.

What is the relation between fashion and gamification?

In myCred interview, Fabio Viola, a gamification pioneer, shared his thoughts on the relation between fashion and gaming. He added, “Creativity and self-expression are two points of contact between the growing video game industry (whose value has exceeded 150 billion dollars) and the fashion industry.”

He also identified the four crossover fashion industries guidelines; click here to read.

When it comes to fashion gamification, App Stores are crowded with games related to fashion brands. The desire to win the games mostly leads to increasing staunching customers for your brand.

People from a young age to adulthood mostly like to play games. The beauty of gamification is that it offers digital rewards and discount offers to the players. It adds a spark to the journey of converting your visitors into loyal customers.

Let’s look at some popular success stories of businesses that have grown by applying gamification techniques.

Success Stories

We have found some fantastic fashion business success stories related to gamification in the fashion world to encourage our readers. Gamification encourages brand approval; it builds a rapport between the consumers and brands.

Loubi World by Christian Louboutin: French-Egyptian Fashion Designer

Christian Louboutin, a French-Egyptian fashion designer, has collaborated with the Korean App Zepeto. In this application, people can interact with the tridimensional avatar.

Loubi World

The designer created the “Loubi World” mainly to display the SS 21 Collection, where users could try on shoes and clothes and enjoy the show of King Princess singer-avatar and attend the designer’s avatar digitally.

Victoria’s Secret App: Fashion Game

Victoria’s Secret App, which is actually a fashion game, has set another example of gamification in the online commerce industry. The PINK Nation is a women’s lingerie manufacturer in America.

Victorias Secret App

The users can enjoy this game and unlock winning badges by exploring the brand catalogs in this application. The users can earn exciting prizes in which the tickets to Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show are included but not limited to. Moreover, they can build fashion visuals and vote for the best fashion looks.

Overall, this fashion gamification strategy left a remarkable impact on this application and raised it to the next level of customer engagement that leads to the ROI increment.

B Surf by Burberry: Virtual Online Game

Burberry is a luxury fashion brand that is quite popular in the market, and the name of this brand speaks itself. It launched B Surf, a virtual online game for marketing its TB Summer Monogram collection.

B Surf by Burberry

In this game, players can select different surfing outfits and play with their chosen character. The purpose of this game is to showcase the collection of outfits. This gamification in fashion techniques helped them to boost their new summer launch in the market.

Balenciaga: Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow

Balenciaga is a well-known luxury fashion brand in the US. It opted for the fashion gamification technique in launching its Autumn/Winter 2021 collection.

Balenciaga Afterworld The Age of Tomorrow

In such a case, it built “Afterworld: The Age of Tomorrow,” an online video game where the users can play the game for free via their web browser. The users can enjoy the virtual environment where different online characters are dressed up in the new collection.

However, there are some details Balenciaga did not reveal until the launch of its new collection. This technique helped it to keep the curiosity factor in people’s minds.

Gucci Arcade Game: Storytelling with gamification implementation

The Gucci application contains different arcade games in which “Gucci Ace” was launched to showcase their collection. The users can dress up the virtual character playing table tennis. Each time a user wins the game, they earn points.

Gucci Arcade Game

Such gaming techniques drew people’s attention and helped them display their latest collection in the market. Gucci is always looking forward to meeting the market challenges by launching games for its users.

How gamification in fashion affects the fashion world’ employees

Usually, the employees in fashion companies are more frustrated and under pressure in comparison to others. This happens because they have deadlines and a pile of work to complete before the time, including model training and rehearsals.

In such a case, gamification strategies can be adopted to build a comfortable working environment for the employees and build engagement by boosting their energy levels.

Future of fashion gamification

The gamification boom in the fashion industry is proof that fashion industries without gamification applications are no more successful than others.

According to Just-Style, a survey of 2,000 UK shoppers found that only 32% would be interested in buying fashion products from its online outlet because Amazon has captured the attention of buyers by uploading fashion products to its marketplace.

Since the COVID-19 raised in the world, people prefer online shopping and avoiding visits to brand stores physically; this is another main reason for gamifying the fashion industry to bear the loss that could have occurred due to the online trend.

Loyalty Programs in Fashion Industry

Did you know?

The average person spends between 15% and 25% of their discretionary income on apparel.

It is not easy to grab your customers’ attention to your online or onsite brand outlet. The market is already highly saturated, and the competition is fierce. In such a competitive environment, the apparel industry must think about loyalty programs to compete.

We shed light on some brands that launched loyalty programs to increase customer engagement and compel them to revisit their store.

  • Cents of Style’s VIP Rewards

The deal launching system for each day of the week took the Cents to the next level of building loyalty programs for the customers to compel them to revisit its store.

It has launched a tiered loyalty program that rewards the customers once they progress in a dedicated tier. In addition, Cents enabled its customers to earn points in various ways and redeem those points in purchasing products from its online store.

  • jeweliq’s Heart Rewards

One of the best loyalty programs to build the interaction and interest of your customers with your online store. Jeweliq took a step towards the rewarding system where a user gets one point per piece purchased. Also, it offers 5 points on referring a friend to its website.

Wrapping Up!

Now, what are you waiting for? You have myCred and its smart add-ons to gamify your website for walking parallel to the market trends. It helps you gain customers’ loyalty, retain your customers, welcome growing opportunities, and a lot more.

The more your fashion brand becomes eye-catching, the more people will stick to your brand. Gamification in the fashion world is a win-win situation for most brand owners. People spend a lot on purchasing apparel items, and it is a basic need. Fulfill their requirements and get ready for a boom.