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Bernardo Letayf Twinterview With myCred  

myCred’s twinterviews are becoming the talk of the town, and we’re happy that our followers love what we do. This week we twinterviewed Bernardo Letayf, who is a renowned gamification expert, and currently, the CEO of BLUErabbit company.

Bernardo started his professional journey as a web designer and came a long way to become an international gamification speaker and owner of a successful company.

His business, BLUErabbit, was the official sponsor of the Software Award 2019. Bernardo was one of the judges of the Gamification Software Award after winning this category in 2017.

In case you missed the question and answer session on Twitter, we have compiled this blog just for you. Let’s get started.

Q1. From a web designer to a gamification expert, express your successful journey in a few words?

It all started when a student introduced me to gamification under the idea that he knew how to fix education. Turns out, he was right. I stopped getting new clients for websites and started my journey. Went to every conference, met every author, and built @bluerabbitclass

Q2. What inspired you to create the BlueRabbit company?

learning that my passion for games could be used in the real world was the first step.

I’ve loved dnd (Dungeons and Dragons) for a very long time and figured that the system can be transferred to the world and allow students to enjoy their education through a gamification experience.

Q3. How is gamification helping the education sector, and what role can gamification play to revolutionize online education?

Then, on your profile people can see how dedicated you are to a specific subject and help when they see true effort or offer work when they find real evidence of progress

It’s a world where saying you can do something and actually doing it are no longer strangers.

Q4.  Tell us more about the BlueRabbit gamification company, how it is different from other gamification companies?

@bluerabbitclass offers a ready-to-use gamification platform for education and learning. It has been used to gamify numerous conferences and training events without the hassle of becoming an expert to offer a great experience for the players.

Other companies offer gamification software that is either too complex to set up or not robust enough to provide the right mechanics to use.

@bluerabbitclass is the easiest and most effective way to design a successful Player Journey for any learning experience.


Q5. You’re an international gamification speaker too, share your most memorable session and the best audience you have ever found?

My most memorable session was in Gamification Europe in 2017 when I presented my talk for the first time on an international stage. I was super nervous and sweating but so excited. The best audience is in all gamification conferences, each one better than the last @GamiCon_us

Q6. How did you feel when you won the 2017 award for Outstanding Gamification Software in Gamification Europe?

GRATEFUL. I was sitting with @RobAlvarezB and @ahmed_hossam88 who were also on the run.

When they called @bluerabbitclass, I almost cried. I am so grateful to the community for believing in our project. It has kept me going through the dark

Q7.  What does the term ‘Gamification’ mean to you? How can gamification help to engage learners and players?

Now, if we are getting into the definition, I’m helping @DaveRage promote his latest take on it.

Gamification is the process of making something into a game or more game-like, which helps clear a lot of the air and complexity for the first layers of anyone involved.

Gamification helps engage players by providing a safe place to fail where you can see your progress instantly and visualize how that skill can help you tackle a greater challenge.

Q8.  Where do you see the gamification industry in the next 5 years?

With the release of the metaverse (not just facebook’s) the world is going to become gamified whether we want it or not gamification will be built into every corner of the VR and AR worlds.

It will also affect all industries regardless of the connectivity

A gamified surgery where the doctors practice in VR and then use AR to support it by showing the progress and data collected from their attempts AND share the collected data with other surgeons and provide real-time feedback and keep track of the success of each procedure.

Q9. Name a few of your mentors, influencers, or friends you think have helped you understand or increase your knowledge about gamification.

Some gamification and friends that help(ed) me include

@monicacornetti @DaveRage @AnCoppens @gzicherm @avantgame @AndreaKuszewski @DrKuroGamer @RobAlvarezB @chris_suldyn @MartinLindstrom @MichielvanEunen @petejenkins @DChandross @yukaichou and Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Q10. Share your favorite games, books, and hobbies with myCred followers?

Books: The Shallows, Emotions Revealed, Authenticity, Rework, Creativity, Inc.Reality is broken, Indistractable

Games: CHESS <3, Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy (all of them), Castlevania Symphony of the night, Ori, Hollow Knight, Dungeons and Dragons!

Hobbies: Rock Climbing

Final Words!

Bernardo Letayf had fun during the brief twinterview with myCred and showed his gratitude for inviting him as a guest on Twitter. It’s time to say goodbye until we meet next time, on another twinterview.