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An old tradition has returned to myCRED! Each day until December 24th, you can “open” a window in the calendar and win Tokens or Store discount coupons. There is one jackpot out there for 5000 Tokens that can be won any day by anyone eligable to play.

How to play

Visit the advent calendar each day and scratch todays window. You will need to sratch 75% of the window in order for the payout system to trigger. You will notice how the entire window clears out when you hit this requirement.


The calendar is available to anyone who has been a member before December 1st 2015.

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  1. Wow Gabriel! This is really cool. You used a WordPress plugin? I would like to put this on my site as well.

    1. While the advent calendar has been used before, it’s an updated version that also serves as a taste (and beta test for me) for what is coming in a new add-on I am working on called Scratch Cards.

  2. Yes Yes Yes! I won 20 tokens Yessssss!
    Come on folks, how much did you win?
    I hope it lesser than me 😛

  3. Simply Brilliant Gabriel !!!
    I won 20 + 50 in 2 days so far 🙂
    Could each day be sponcered by different people / blog authors: e-g “post-author” given away to visitors ?

  4. Hi,
    Good idea to an add-on that allows to earn points for a period (not just Christmas).
    It is for the next few weeks or months?

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