Built-in( free )

Current Version: 1.4
Requires: myCRED 1.1 or higher


Let your users buy access to your content using points! You can sell access to either the entire content of any post type or parts of it.

The Sell Content add-on allows you to charge your users points in order to view a particular posts content area. You can put either the entire content for sale or just parts of it with an option to let purchases expire, forcing users to buy again.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to set an expiration (limit) on Purchases?
    No. By default, when a user buys your content, the purchase is permanent. The "limit" feature is optional and should only be set if you want to use it.
  • Do I have to sell the entire content or can I just sell parts of it?
    You can either set the entire content up for sale or use the mycred_sell_this or mycred_sell_this_ajax shortcodes to sell parts of your content. Any content placed inside these shortcodes will only be visible to the content author, administrators and those who buys access to them.
  • Can I share sales with the Content Author?
    Yes. You can select to either just charge users for content or share a percentage of the sale with the content author.
  • Can I put Custom Post Types for sale?
    Yes! Besides the default Posts and Pages, you can put any Custom Post Type up for sale. On your myCRED settings page, under "Sell Content" you can list all post types that should be set for sale.
    Just remember that by defaults posts are not put up for sale, you will need to enable this on a post by post basis.
  • Can I sell multiple items in a single post?
    No. The mycred_sell_this shortcode was built to be used for one post. You can use the shortcode multiple times in a single post but when a purchase is made, all shortcodes will be visible.

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There are few dummy posts here on the myCRED website that are set for sale.

Note that you must be logged in to buy access to demo posts.

Installation & User Guides

Add-on Setup

  1. Go to the myCRED > Add-ons page in your admin area.
  2. Click on the “Sell Content” title in the list.
  3. Click on the “Enable” button.
  4. Go to the myCRED > Settings page and click on the “Sell Content” title in the list to view the default settings.
  5. Set your default price setup, the post types you want to sell access to and the point type to charge if you have more then one.
  6. Save. Even if you do not make any changes!
  7. Done!

Disabling the Add-on

  1. Go to the myCRED > Add-ons page in your admin area.
  2. Click on the “Sell Content” title in the list.
  3. Click on the “Disable” button.
  4. Done!

Selling the entire content

If you are looking to sell access to the entire post/page content, you need to edit the post and check the “Enable sale of this post” checkbox in the myCRED Sell This metabox.

The default preferences you setup on the myCRED > Settings page is applied to all posts but you can change these items for each post.

Once you have set the price, the button label and if sales expire, you must save the post for sales to take effect.

The posts author and administrators / editors will always have access to any post that is set for sale!

If you are looking to provide some sort of “Teaser” or information about a post but want to sell access to the entire content, consider using the posts Excerpt.

Selling parts of the content

If you are not interested in selling access to the entire content, you can select to sell access to parts of it using one of the two provided shortcodes. Both work the same way except that one runs the purchase via AJAX eliminating the need to refresh the page. These shortcodes are:

mycred_sell_this – Used to wrap around a piece of content that you want to sell access to.

mycred_sell_this_ajax – Same as above but purchase is done via AJAX.

Note that while you can use these shortcode multiple times in the same content, once a user buys access, all shortcodes in the content will be considered “Purchased”.

Remember that you are only selling access to the posts content field! The posts title, featured image, comments, excerpt and any other details is not effected!

Available Shortcodes

mycred_sell_this – Used to wrap around content that is to be set for sale.

mycred_sell_this_ajax – As above but purchases are made over AJAX.

mycred_sales_history – Show either a given users or the current user viewing this shortcodes purchase history. You can use this shortcode to show users what content they have purchased and if used, when they expire.

mycred_content_sale_count – Shows the total number of times a particular content has been purchased.