Supported Plugins

The following plugins are support by myCRED straight out of the box. If you have any questions or require customized support for a particular plugin listed here, please post your request in the forum.

These plugins have added support for myCRED from their end. If you are experiencing any issues, you must contact the plugin author for support as no support is provided here on the myCRED website. Please note that some plugins are premium (paid-for) plugins.

Do you have a plugin that has built-in support for myCRED? Let me know and get your plugin ( or theme ) listed here.

I have written a few custom plugins to connect certain third-party plugins with myCRED. You can download these plugins for free here. Please post any issues in the Third-Party Plugin support forum

The hooks presented here all require myCRED 1.6.8 or higher in order to work!

These plugins are supported via a premium add-on which you can purchase in the myCRED store.

Last edited January 4, 2016