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    Hi Gabriel ..

    Until now i have been able to show mycred in 2 languages by adding both language to the text. Which is ok for now.

    But this text i cannot find anywhere.
    So how can i translate this ???

    I hope you will make mycred. ready. One day.


    That text is part of the myCRED Lottery translation file and not the myCRED translation file.


    So how do i translate this one ?


    Just like you translate myCRED you can also translate any premium add-on.
    If you are new to translations, here are a few support topics on the subject that you might find helpful.

    (Note that these topics are for myCRE but the same principle applies to translating any other plugin I provide.


    Look like a great plugin. ” Loco Translate “.

    But now. I am using WPML.
    And it is a little strange that it cannot find a string like ” Your Ticket Number “.

    Do you know why ?


    You do not have to use Loco. There are several really good translation plugins out there and you can use any of them as long as they can edit .po and .mo files (which I am sure all can).

    Are you looking at the Lottery add-ons translation or myCREDs? The lottery add-on uses the mycred_lotto textdomain while myCRED uses mycred.


    I have checked that.
    And normally there is no problems.

    These two files shows the string is translated:

    This one shows that it is not working.:

    It makes no sense.


    Try updating the .pot file to see if a string is missing. Very odd as I can translate this without any problem.

    AvatarAslan Guseinov

    I have a problem translating word “Winners” in Lottery add-on.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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