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    Hello, I would like some help to customize% buy button below% below the button code to the member shopping.

    For Member:

    [su_button url="#" style="3d" %buy_button% background="#3aab19" size="5" wide="yes" center="yes" icon="icon: global" desc="Teste o conteúdo ao vivo!" onclick="%buy_button%"]O download custa %price% %plural%[/su_button]


    error: You can not buy this content.



    myCRED does not have a shortcode called su_button. What plugin are you using?


    Ultimate shortcode, how can I put a custom button to sell my content?


    Unfortunately I am unable to help you out with Ultimate shortcode as I do not know the plugin.
    If you want to adjust how the button myCRED uses in the sell content add-on, you could always apply CSS styling to the button and style it anyway you like. You can target the button like this:

    .mycred-buy-content-form input.button { }

    Do you think in future integrate a plugin to improve mycred buttons ? do not know how gfxnull site could leave everything as perfect and functional 🙁 wanted to leave my similiar site , you can direct me to some developer mycred ?


    I came very close to achieving , the more the error persists : You can not buy this content.


    Depends on what you mean by “improving”. You can style the button already now and in 1.7 it will also support Bootstrap making syling easier.


    Sorry , it is not better, but easier , more about my mistake , I can advise someone to solve or have to style the css it?
    Is there any method to modify % buy_button % to integrate with the ultimate shortcode ?


    When you buy a content, you are submitting a purchase form. The button you see is the submit button for that form so there is not much room for customiztion except for how that button is visually displayed. So I am not sure how you could integrate it with a shortcode.


    I try to modify the css to see if it solves .

    when I use the default button % buy_button % after buying it back to the home page , is to leave it in the same place of purchase?


    I’m sorry but I do not understand. You can only use the %but_button% template tag in the “For members that can not afford to buy” template. No where else.


    I will contact the ultimate shortcode developer to get the pure CSS button , it may work .


    As long as the shortcode can generate either a button element with submit type or an input element with submit type:

    <button type="submit" ... ></button>
    <input type="submit" ... />

    There is a page that displays the button php and how to use it in another plugin you can of a look to see if you can serve me ?


    thank gabriel .

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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