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    Mr. A has 40,000 points and Mr. B also has 40,000 points. Mr. A gets the first position and Mr. B gets the second position. Is there any way that I can make them the same position?

    Your plugin is very good but the support seems to be ignored. I hope the support will continue.

    AvatarAslan Guseinov

    Hi, top123. Sorry for my english, sometimes i can be misunderstood.
    The whole myCRED system is a one person project! Gabriel Merovingi is an author, and he’s doing it all himself, in his spare time.
    So, please be a little patient. And someone from community can help you out.

    As i understand Mr.A earned 40K points first and Mr.B did the same, but some time later. That’s why he is in second place.
    I personally have no idea how to implement your idea. Sorry.


    Hi, thanks for your input. English is not my mother language,either. So that means it’s not possible to get the same position eventhough the points are same, right? Anyone please asnswer. I’ve done some research but no information about this. No body asks this question.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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