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    All of a sudden, ranks are not updating as points update. I have tried Bulk Actions>Edit>Update and everything else mentioned on other threads with no changes. Can someone please help me?



    I am also facing the same issue. Can anyone help? The ranks are not updated when the balance points are more than the required for the next level.




    Been facing a similar issue for awhile now. Points are updated but users aren’t able to reach new ranks or acquire new badges as if they don’t have the amount of points required.



    Same here. 🙁 Tried with different browsers, disabling browser cache, tried to create the ranks again… Nothing seems to help. I’ve also tried the “Remove All Ranks”, “Assign Ranks to Users”, and “Calculate Totals” settings, without any success.

    I’m using myCRED with Elegant Themes’ ‘Extra’ theme and I also use BadgeOS.

    Otherwise, this is a superb plugin!



    Same here. I have found this old topic with no solution? Anybody solved?
    Thank you!



    Did anyone find out the solution to this?



    I resolved this issue.

    But I am not sure how. Exactly, I mean.

    It seems to be a conflict with a myCred Addon- I deactivated Coupons, Statistics and Transfers and now it all works. I am not using Coupons, Statistics or Transfers and so I am not sure which one cause the bug.

    I was running WPML, and deactivated this before the addons, because I saw that it was incompatible, but this resulted in no change.

    The Ranks update quite nicely with Ranks, Email Notifications, and Gateway as add-ons installed with the core myCred.

    I am using the X theme. I am also using the Contact Form 7 Version 4.9 and ZM Ajax Login & Register. I also have Nav menu Rules activated. I am using WooCommerce, and WooCommerce Expand Tabs.Flamingo is also installed and works well.

    I also am using the linked snippet to change the roles based on points. This is not working perfectly, but that is a different issue. https://mycred.me/code-snippets/change-role-based-on-balance/ (See NOTE below)

    myCred is NOT compatible with WC Custom Thank You plugin which causes the cart to stay full even after purchase and payment.

    I am also using Woocommerce Role Pricing to offer storewide discounts based on myCred Ranks and their matching roles in the WordPress Core. Which is working very well.

    I am also using https://gist.github.com/gabrielmerovingi/8700026 – in order to use a shortcode about the checkout page to generate a coupon that users can transform their points into coupons to pay for the product or make a partial payment with points, etc. Brilliant solution and very workable.

    I am also using https://gist.github.com/codelion7/9cbd4dcf33d1716397e7 to create a shortcode non dependent on Visual Composer to show the progress bar on progress. This also works – but you must first delete: this line:

    if ( $mycred->core->exclude_user( $user_id ) ) return ”; and change and replace this:

    // Get the users current rank post ID
    $users_rank = (int) mycred_get_users_rank( $user_id, ‘ID’ );

    With this:

    // Get the users current rank post ID
    $users_rank = mycred_get_users_rank_id( $user_id, $type_id );

    (These instructions are in the comments and all on the github).

    I will be continuing to play around with this and adding more functionality. When I have all the plugins installed and test I will update this.

    Currently with the above, I can register someone through ZM Ajax Login & Register and the regular wp-login and registration pages. (But users don’t see the wp-login or registration pages.)

    NOTE: I have three ranks. myCred accurately lists and measures the correct rank. But the assigned role is skipped to the third and final wordpress role as soon as the first level points are achieved. Even if the 2nd tier points aren’t met. So another way. The roles matchs the ranks. But the snippet has the 2nd rank assign to the third role. Unless I delete the third role, and then it assigns to the 2nd role. BUT then there is no third role for the third rank automatically being assigned. So I have to do that manually.

    So myCred Ranks are just fine. Only the code snippet assigned the proper roles get messed up when the array is more than two options.

    Does anyone have an idea why? At the moment I just deleted the third rank from the functions.php code snippet and have the two ranks. Put it would be nice to be able to forget about this manual upgrade at this point.

    This problem occurs with only woocommerce and myCred installed on a fresh install. And no other snippets or plugins installed. It’s something to do with the snippet.

    I am now moving this site from a Dev Site to Live. At which point I have other plugins to install and activiate.

    I will give an update. But would appreciate if anyone knows how to solve the rank and role updating as above.




    Have you found a solution for this? I have 6 ranks I need custom roles for, and it still skips to the last.



    No. I never found a solution to this. We were doing it manually due to this problem. We eventually stopped using myCred altogether but not because anything was a game killer. Just that our user base wasn’t excited about the game aspect!

    Good luck!



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    Should be better to open a ticket for that . … but . … we are without news from Gabriel for monthssss :-/ sounds bad for the future of the plugins :((((((((((((((

    Hope Gabriel will come back soooooooonn . very soooonnnn

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