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    It is possible to give mycred points to users according a specific value informed on post comments? I do plan to use a custom field on comments to collect specific “value” informed by user.

    So, at a specific post, I will open user comments with that custom field. User goes there and put his name, email and a value on that custom field. Mycred will give points to the user converted according that informed value field.

    Thank you for any help.


    You can give point to users in any way you want. But does sounds like you are building your own custom functionality which myCRED has no built in support for. But you are free to use any myCRED function you want to accomplish your task.

    If you want to award points based on what value a user enteres into your field then do so when you validate or process this form submission. All myCRED functions are documented in the codex.


    Hi Gabriel,

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    What I need to do is basically a reward system for offline stores.

    The users enters its purchase receipts and win mycred points.

    So, according the amount spent on offline stores, this amount will be converted in mycred points.

    Therefore, each user must enter its points themselves (here is the help I need to implement it).

    I would like to use your lottery add-on to pick a daily/weekly winner(s). I don’t care about fraud attempts because the winner must pickup the prize on physical store, and before to get the prize he need to provide the proof of previous purchase which was used to enter in mycred points.

    Do you suggest me a way to do that?


    How would people convert the points they spend into points? Do they send you the receipt or something?

    It sounds like you just need to convert this into point and then let them enter a lottery with these points.


    I need people insert they points themselves.

    For example, this week I run a contest. In a post I inform instructions. People will inform on comments its own points (I will use a custom field there on post comments).

    People does not need to send me the receipts or any proof of purchase, it will be required only for winners to recieve the prize. So dishonest people may can insert a lot of fake points, but it does not matter because points will be used only for lottery purpose, after each contest the points will be reseted, and for winner to receive its price he really need to send the receipts to get the prize. Fake points for currently winner will cause a new draw for another winner.



    If you insert a custom field that holds the amount, you could add this into a users balance when this field is submitted.

    For example:

    // Get the value they submit
    $points = $_POST['yourcustomfield'];
    // Make sure it is a numeric value and not some text
    if ( is_numeric( $points ) ) {
    	// Adjust the users balance
    	update_user_meta( get_current_user_id(), 'mycred_default', $points );

    This code of course assumes the user is logged in when commenting.

    WHen it comes to the lottery, you can add entries into a started lottery manually in your admin area. Just go to the myCRED > Lotteries page and hover your mouse over a started lottery and you will see the link “Add Entry”.


    Hi Grabriel

    Where exactly I need to add the code you supplied? In which file?

    Thank you very much!


    It depends on how you handle your custom field. I assumes since you mentioned that you planned on adding in a custom filed to comments that you also had the field processing setup. The above example were meant to be inserted where you process the custom field of yours.

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