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No Credits after the purchase with Paypal Standard Sandbox mode

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    Hello everyone,

    I’m testing the purchase of credits using Paypal Standard with Sandbox mode, locally in my PC. I’ve created two sandbox accounts, personal and business.
    When I click on the button created with [mycred_buy] [/mycred_buy] shortcode (gateway and amount set), the page is frozen on

    “The following information will be sent to the gateway:”


    I ‘ve to click “Click here if you are not automatically redirected” to proceed and arrive to my test Store. I make the payment and return back to the site to the “thank” mycred page.
    No credits are accredited to the balance. Is it because I ‘m working with a local installation or because I ‘m missing something in settings?

    thank you



    Yes, so during debug mode, you are shown a lot of extra information to help debug any issues. It’s information that is shown to admins and is only intended for testing.

    Are you testing this on a localhost installation? Because if you are, then the payment gateway will not be able to make a callback to your site and inform you of a successful payment.

    Otherwise, if you are using a “Maintenance Mode” plugin, try disabling this when testing as some will block the callback as well.


    yes, I ‘m testing on a localhost installation, so to make a valid test I have do it on a production site. Thanks.


    Is your localhost installation publicly accessible? If you give me your home url, could I access it? If the answer is no, then PayPal will not be able to reach your site either.


    No, it isn’t accessible. I ‘ve wait to test it at the moment.


    Hello again,

    I ‘ve published the site, but I haven ‘t updated the DNS to point the domain, for temporarily mantaining the old site.
    Now I can reach the remote site using a IP address in the hosts file, but when I try to purchase credits the sandbox payment seems to success but the credits balance remains unchanged.
    It may be because the DNS does not point to the real domain?

    thank you


    Did you find any solution?
    I have similar problem.
    Using PayPal Gateway when a user pay, myCRED does not adjust the balance. The transaction stays in Pending Payments section.

    Canceling the transactions seams to work.

    I am using the Sandbox mode of myCRED and Sandbox accounts to test.

    AvatarJiung Song

    Guys, try signing out of wordpress and use it as a new user.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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