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    Saad Iqbal

    @Aslan you can let your lawyer email us at and our team of lawyers will reply to them, not a problem. Thanks for your understanding.


    Saad Iqbal

    @HD if you used credits for premium support and didn’t get respond reply to that ticket and give me ticket no. I will add those points to your account and about discount currently we have 39% off running and coupon is “2019” you can avail it or even better we have now POINTS BUNDLE DEALS available. Let me know if there is anything else, stay tuned for myCred 1.8 and Lottery Addon 2.0 😉



    HI @Saad Iqbal
    Ok I’ll see this next week because I do not have much time today. I would have appreciated a larger discount special old (50%).
    Finally, do you have an automatic renewal coupon and if so, how many?


    Saad Iqbal

    @HD we would love to cooperate with old clients, you can email me personally at and tell me which addon you want to buy and then we can work out a discount.

    @Aslan we also want to handle things with you, but unfortunately, we can’t give a lifetime licenses. An only yearly license will work but you can also email me to the above address and we can work out some good discount.



    I am looking for a solution like yours… have a digital token – connect it to mycred…. how do we get in touch… //Luckie


    Help is on the way.



    Hi stephfd21

    Very interested in the QR Code part…can you please share how its done pls.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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