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    I want to have levels of memberships with the theme sweetdate and paidmembershipspro
    a) free with very few rights (not send / reply message to other profiles …)
    b) 2 levels, with a subscription with PM pro. In these levels, the member can order unlimited
    * add a friend
    * send / receive private messages

    With https://mycred.me/store/mycred-bp-charges/ is it possible to allow (after purchase):
    * sending messages with points x ?
    * and / or receive private messages with y point ?
    * add a friend ?

    Does the operation of mycred-bp-charges be canceled for 1 or 2 levels of membership paidmembershipspro?




    myCRED does not have any built-in support for PM pro so users can’t pay for membership levels using points.

    The free myCRED plugin allows you to:
    – Set to deduct points when a new friend is added. myCRED will, if the amount you set is negative, disable the “Add Friend” button in BuddyPress when the user can not afford adding a new friend.

    Your question did inspire me to add in a checkbox in 1.6 so you can select to do this or disable it. This is how the hook will look in 1.6:

    The BP Charges add-on allows you to:

    – Charge for profile views. You can either force this for all profiles or allow your members to enable / disable this for their own profiles.

    – Charge for private messages. You can either redirect users away from the compose page for new private messages when they can not afford one to a custom page or show them an error message.


    Thank you for this new integration plugin free v1.6 🙂
    For the plugin it might be interesting to add also paying for message reading




    You can set myCRED to deduct points when a user receives a message. There is a hook under “BuddyPress: Members” where you can set how many points to give / take from a user when they receive a message.

    Just remember that if you choose this option, there is no limit set so a user will loose points even if that takes them below zero. Also, a user is charged for receiving a message even if they do not open it.


    Thank you for the clarification and suggestion :-).
    test in the meantime … integrating this suggestion in your paid plugin



    I was hoping you could help me with custom function to automate buddypress profile charges using mycred once the access expires? Is there anyway to code this?

    Thanks in advance!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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