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    AvatarGabriel Galvão

    Hi Gabriel,

    When the referral program is active should exist a link in the profile?
    Like “Profile”, “Settings”, “Notifications” and go on..

    Because at the present moment i just can see the Link when i click on “Profile”.

    Se the example image:

    I think it should exist and show the number of people the user have referred to the website.

    I’m using:
    WP:3.8.1 / BP: 1.9.2 / myCRED: 1.4 / buddyboss theme if this help on anything.




    There is no feature for “My Referrals” at this stage as I tried to explain, the referral hook is very basic. It brings you a very basic set of tools as there are a million and one things we could add.

    AvatarGabriel Galvão

    No problem.

    And congrats, myCRED 1.4 is freakin awesome!

    Thanks, Gabriel.


    If you need help with building any feature you want to add to the referral system just let me know and I can at least try and provide you with some code examples.

    While this feature is very basic I tried to make it as customisable as possible to at least give you the option to built on-top it. What’s included “out of the box” will remain very basic but I am happy to help you customise it to suit your needs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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