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    Hi, can I see a demo of how it looks lottery


    I am hoping to have a demo setup once I am done with 1.4 but until then, only the screenshots on the lottery page is available.


    thank you very much


    Hi Gabriel,

    I also have a question regarding the Lottery. I have noticed that when assigning myCred points to links that a user can click on a link and end up going negative. Does the lottery have this limit set up where they are not allowed to click on a link that deducts points if it causes them to go negative?

    I also would like to ask what plugin (if you are using one) are you using for the profile pages that we see when we log in? Does myCred have a profile add-on?

    I apologize if my questions have already been answered on other posts.


    Hi Long.

    Not sure I understand your question.
    The lottery add-on has nothing to do with links and unless you award winners of the lottery negative values the lottery add-on will award points and not deduct.

    The lottery add-on just picks winners or winning numbers and does not care about users balances unless you set that there is a minimum balance requirement to participate in the lottery.

    Same goes with Points for clicking on links. If you deduct points for clicking on links, then users will loose points and with that can have a negative balance.


    That was very helpful thank you.

    This leads me to a couple more questions.

    A minimum balance can be set for the lottery. Is it possible to set more than one requirement? for example: A minimum balance of 10 and a maximum balance of 20. So users within 10 and 20 are the only ones allowed to participate.

    I also wanted to know if a balance deduction was possible for all participants, not just the winner. pretty much I want to set a “cost” to participate. For example: I would set the reward to be X number, the minimum to be 5, can I set a cost to be 5 so that the user must have at least a balance of 5 or greater to enter, and once they do decide to participate they will lose 5 from their balance.

    Thank you again



    1. Not by default. By default, the lottery only checks for a minimum balance but all requirements for lottery entry can be customized via your themes functions.php file. There is the mycred_lottery_failreq filter which will allow you override the built in requirement check with a custom one of your own. You could use this hook to add a maximum balance requirement besides the minimum one.

    2. You can set the cost to participate in the lottery to either a value that is then deducted from the user or use zero for free plays (and without point deduction). If the lottery is not free but costs to play, then the lottery will check each users balance to see if they have enough points to play. There is no need to set a minimum balance requirement if your lottery costs. If a user can not afford to play then they will not play with or without a minimum balance check.

    You can of course combine the two and create a lottery that costs 5 points but only users who have a minimum of 100 points are allowed to play. But if you set a price, you do not need to worry about balances going minus. The lottery add-on takes care of that for you.


    Thank you very much.


    Hi Gabriel

    A couple more questions had just popped up into my mind.

    1) can a participant enter into the lottery more than once if the user has sufficient funds?

    2) If the participant enters twice are their odds of winning higher? or does it stay the same? Basically I am trying to ask, does the lottery pick the winner based on the total numbers of entries or does it pick one at random based on the total number of different participants.

    Thanks again



    1. You can set how many entries each user can have in a the current draw and if the lottery is recurring how many total draws they can enter. So if allowed, a user who can afford it, could enter maybe twice each week.

    These settings are set under the “Participation” settings.

    2. The lottery will pick winners at random. If this is a “Draw winner” lottery, a random winner is selected amongst all entries, so if a user has more then one entry, his odds increase since he would have two entries that could be drawn.

    Of course this also means that if you are drawing winners and users can enter more then once, then a user can win more then once as both his entries could be picked.

    When the lottery draws winners, it does not look at how many users entered or which users it picks as winners. It is simply presented with an array of entires and is asked to pick x number of winners.


    Hi Gabriel

    Is the “Draw winner” lottery a setting I can select?


    When you create a lottery the first thing you get to pick (well you have to pick) is what type of lottery you want to create.

    Right now, two types of lotteries are available:

    – Draw winner
    – Draw winning numbers

    Once you have selected the type and saved (not published), you are presented with that lottery types settings. Both types have more or less the same settings except for the “Game” setup which has different options based on the lottery type.

    But everything else is the same and are categorised as follows:

    Game – lottery type specific settings
    Participation – settings related to cost and max. entries
    Winners – settings related to how much points winners get or correct picks get
    Jackpot – if the lottery type is set to pick numbers, then you can set jackpot related settings
    Schedule – all schedule settings
    Requirements – requirements to enforce in order to play the lottery
    Excludes – exclude related settings
    Templates – template related settings

    Besides this you of course can also set the title and content.


    Hi Gabriel,

    I am back again with a few more questions.

    The Lottery works fantastic by the way.

    I just wanted to know if it is possible to set a maximum number of entries total (not per user) so that the lottery stops or ends when the maximum entries has been reached.
    I also do not see who the winner is during the draw phase. Is this displayed somewhere?

    Thanks Again


    Welcome back Long!

    Right now you can only see the winners via the “show results” attribute in the mycred_lottery shortcode or using the mycred_lottery_results shortcode.


    Thank You Gabriel

    what about setting the maximum # of entries? Is there a code I can add that would accomplish this? Having a maximum entry is crucial for my website. Currently it appears I can only set a duration of how long the lottery can stay up and also limit individual users on how many entries they can put. But I need to be able to set a total limit.


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