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    Hello Gabriel!
    First of all, i hope you’re doing well and are healthy.
    Happy New Year!

    I can imagine that a life can be challenging and not support you with the time you might need for answering in the forums…

    ..but only 2 answers since November 2016 (as far as i have seen) is too less, i’m sorry to say that.

    People NEED your help with a lot of things concerning your awesome plugin, please don’t let us alone now.

    Kind regards.


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    He is clearly working on myCRED:

    Have you opened a ticket?

    You may also want to buy some points and upgrade the ticket. If everyone did that it would help support the plugin and allow for new features and updates.



    Yes, i made a ticket already.

    I’m willing to make a nice donation to Gabriel when everything works as i expect using the plugin, that’s not the problem. But i need a 100% working plugin on my website.

    For example:
    The exchange shortcode is working well when shown on PC or laptop, but not working on mobile. The fonts are odd and i can not type something into the amount field. i didn’t changed any code so this is a pure plugin issue.



    …and today is the 6th day i’m waiting for a reply to my support ticket…


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    Don’t feel too bad I’ve been waiting 13 days.



    As you said.. he’s working on the plugin..

    …but he’s not working on the support for it 🙁
    i know supporting a product can become really exhausting, but it’s neccessary.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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