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    Hello guys!
    I want to create a file-sharing portal with WP and mycred.

    And I want to make that thing: each file has it’s own “price”. And user must spend some amount of points to download that file.
    For example, user have 6 point on his account and “1.txt” costs 6 points.
    User click “Download” button, 6 points debited from his account and after that he receives the file.
    If user has no 6 points, he can’t download the file.

    Is it suitable case to use “mycred”?
    it can be implemented without substantial rework?



    Yes, this can be done easily with WordPress, mycred and WooCommerce.

    Since you can pay with mycred points in woocommerce, where you can setup also a downloadable product, it should work easily 🙂

    Another solution would be to use the [mycred_link] shortcode, but if a user knows the link, the file behind it is not protected anymore and can be downloaded for free by others.

    So i would highly recomend to use the woocommerce solution

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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