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    Dear MyCred Team or smart site visitors 😉

    I have 2 questions. Question 1 is a design bug and request for removal. Question 2 is regarding the rank progress add on for visual composer. I need an answer before I would consider a purchase.

    1) There is an odd space issue for ranks for which do not have users. This is shown if you made a page to show users of all ranks.

    Please have a look at:

    You can see that the rank: “vg Explorer” does not contain users. However I would like to see an extra space between the rank title: “vg Explorer” and the line down below: “Users of this rank: 0″

    As you can see, if a Rank contains users, their is normal spacing between the rank name and the users listed, so but not for ranks that have no users.

    Another option that would be nice is if you can remove rank names (so not just the logo as explained on your website under the users_of_all_ranks explanation page). This way, the issue would be solved and it looks better. I simply want to create a top 50 list of users with their point total. Ranks that do not contain users, do not have to be visible actually.

    The code I’m currently using on my ranking page:

    [mycred_users_of_all_ranks wrap=”ul” show_logo=”0″ nothing=”Users of this rank: 0″]
    %display_name%  %balance%

    2) I like to buy the ranks progress bar plugin add on for visual composer. I bought a theme that includes visual composer in their theme. But it is not attached as solid to the code. They provide the plugin, and as long as you pay for their support you can request to get the newest version of visual composer.

    My question is: does that make me a candidate to buy the prograss bar visual composer add on without having to be afraid your add on will not work and that I paid for nothing? I saw a warning on your site for website builders that build a theme that has visual composer incorporated in the theme.

    Another option is to get the progress bar without the addon in combination in visual composer. I saw on your website some third party support that made it possible to have the rank progress bar on your site without the visual composer add on. I followed all steps but it did not work. Is support and code for this option updated?

    Best regards,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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