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    Gabriel Galvão

    Hi gabriel,

    I’m having a problem using the rank list on my website.

    When I installed and configured mycred on my website I chose the option
    1°”Users are ranked according to the total amount of tokens they have accumulated.”
    but then I decided that this was the best option
    2°”Users are ranked according to their current balance.”

    But now my user “Admin” has an old score points called “points” and is at 460. The problem is that I do not have these 460 points / tokens in my current swing, and as I say above I am using the 2nd option now.

    But on the Leaderboard Rank i am the FIRST because these 460 points. Even though I have nothing in the current balance.

    The question is, how do I delete this record points the 1st option?
    Have deleted the logs and did not solve the problem.

    Thank you.


    Hi. Have you tried clicking on “Assign ranks to users” under the Management tab on the myCRED Settings page?

    Gabriel Galvão

    Hi Gabriel,

    Now that i have clicked on “Assign Rank to Users” come to another problem, see image for reference.

    Rank Admin:

    Rank User:

    My Admin are in leaderboard as #2 and User as #1, but as you can see on the widget “My Balance(Meus Tokens)” of the Admin it looks as #0.



    Since you changed from total to current and then reset it could be that the ranks got messed up. I would try giving both users 1 point to see if the correct rank is applied as I can see both have “no rank”.

    Are your rank also correctly setup meaning the point requirements are not overlapping?

    Gabriel Galvão

    The rank is working fine, the problem is on the widget “My Balance” when i select “Include users ranking”, so the “%ranking%” is not really working it just show me to variables, “0” and “1”. I created another user and now i have two users with rank “0”.

    Because the widget Leaderboard shows the “%ranking%” just fine, with the right ranking number, i have to remove the rank user from the widget “My Balance” since it’s not working for me.



    Very odd. The %ranking% tag should return your position in the main leaderboard while %rank% shows the rank title. I am re-writting most of the Ranks-addon to make things less complicated and the leaderboard to make it a bit more flexible.

    Gabriel Galvão

    About the rank, i take a look and all rank are not overllaping. I take too much care on this ^^.

    Anyway thanks Gabriel for the faster reply i will waiting for the next update to see if this get fix(at least for me).

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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