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    Ah yes that can be a bit of work. But without any additional code this is the best way to do this since then WP will also remove all meta details as well keeping your db nice and clean.


    I am currently going through the Database via PHPMyAdmin and clearing all the metadata and posts. Making things clean!


    The idea of the prefixes is brillant.

    By the way, when you are playing, it’s better to save your database when it’s still clean and restore when you are done playing or when you want to start over again.

    And thanks for the shortcode Gabriel, really awesome and useful.


    Bulk coupons creation coding works great.
    How could we export coupons list (.csv or excel or text file) after creation ?
    I wish to print those coupons on paper cards like tickets and business cards, etc 🙂


    Hi, would you code the code to generate alphanumeric codes, with random numbers and letters? Thank you


    Hello, can you give me a budget to implement a text field with Wysiwyg editor to personalize the message when I create a coupon? For example, a user redeems a coupon and the message I placed for that particular coupon appears below


Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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