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    hi, i love the new pop-up in the buyCred add-on. one thing is a bit strange; when the user forgets to fill in an amount of credits the popup gives a message “communications error”. this is confusing.


    Hi @kamerhurenamsterdam
    Thanks for reporting this error, can you please name the payment gateway in which you are facing this error.

    MyCred Support Team


    Hi @kamerhurenamsterdam!

    Can you share some more information like the payment gateway and some screenshot? that might help us to reproduce the same issue.

    Thanks and regards,
    myCred Support team.


    payment gateway is PayPal. the minimum amount of point one has to buy is 4. this number is displayed a placeholder. if a user doesn’t change this number and presses Buy Now there is a confusing message. it should say something like “You have to choose an amount of points” or something.

    i made a screencapture:


    PayPal Payments Standard


    and the buyCred shortcode [mycred_buy] is not working. the popup goes in infinite loop and cannot be closed.

    Crisanto Povis

    I’ve got same problem:!ArIA6OMd8ypHguZH_QrFOVM2AxGJJw

    Stills bugged in your last version 1.8.4


    hello I have the same problem, and the support does not respond, your problem is solved?

    Princess Tea

    With this error, until they get this fixed, you have to actually type in the amount and do not use any autofill. I figure this will save others the problem in the future until this is resolved.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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