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    Perfect, at least some good news.

    Ok so the points are awarded to the user, but there is no log entry for the purchase? No log in the myCRED > Log page either?


    It does show up in the Log just not in the purchase log or the last payment notification :/


    Any updates?


    Hey sorry for the delay.

    So far I am unable to replicate the issue with stripe payments not showing in the payments log page (tested with myCRED 1.4+ and Stripe Gateway 1.0.4). There will be no notification from Stripe so you will not find any under “Last Payment Notification”.


    Ah I wasn’t on 1.04.. but on 1.01 (I still am not getting update notifications on my wordpress backend even when I added my website to the license) It works now thanks!


    I want to try out this feature: users choose what to “donate” on, and in return they get points. Where we should add the “coding*” for this .. only into functions.php ?


    Only use paypal for now
    Thank you

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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