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    Hi everyone,

    I think we can all agree this a pretty awesome plugin. I hope this question has not been asked yet so you could help me.

    I have a music school and wanted to add this system to stimulate studying at home for the students. So I mostly use the manual point input system. I had a badge made which said that if a student has a gotten a total of 200 points by manual admin he would get said badge. Unfortunately this doesn’t always work.

    Another thing that is kind of off (in my view) is that when I add points the points on the profile does not reflect the other balance which you can see in the users view. I hope i’m making some sense. And hope somebody can explain this to me




    Hey Anthony.

    When you manually adjust your users balance, do you do so with a log entry or just add or remove points without log entries?
    Badges are based on a users points history and if you as an administrator adjust a users balance without a log entry, the badge addon will never know when to award the badge.

    Otherwise if you do give log entries, go and edit a badge and click on the “Assign Badge” button which should then run through your log entries and give out badges to those who have earned it.

    Osborn Tyler

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    It looks good

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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