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    i’m looking for a way to award points only based on certain conditions, e.g. if an user logs in 5 times and comments 10 times, the users gets awarded X points of type “active commentator”



    Hey Catalin.

    Unfortunately myCRED works on the basis of giving / taking points on each individual interaction and not on x number of interactions.

    But with that being said, it would be possible to adjust myCRED to do what you want via some custom code if you feel comfortable with PHP. It all depends on how exactly you want this to work.


    ok, so:
    – where this adjustment should be made
    – this adjustment would be general, for a certain hook that would behave that way all the time or customizable for a hook?



    I like the way “” handles the gamification but i don’t like the fact that my data is also their data. So, I think myCred could be a very nice competitor as a WordPress plugin taking into account that the site owner also owns the data.

    So, in myCred:
    – hooks could be actions (modified);
    – levels – built in;
    – badges could be obtained by combining different actions, like here in the first post.

    What do you think?


    We could build a filter where we list all hooks and let you set a number for each one. This number would then be used for when points are given out.

    So for example if we set 10 for “Points for logging in” hook, the hook would only award points once a user has logged in 10 times.

    I do not have any experience with so I am not entirely sure how it operates but it is true that you “own” your own data since everything is logged in your own database. It also means that as long as your database is intact, you can access your points history and balance.


    so this would be to create the actions.

    How about combining (dynamically) different actions (hooks) for awarding points/badges (e.g. logging in 5 times and commenting 10 times for getting some points)? (this would be something like a rule engine)



    I like your idea. The question is how to implement it and make it simple enough for the avarage myCRED user. Maybe some basic logic builder where you select “IF” “user has” “x number” of “hook name”, do “xyz”.


    I’m glad that you like it 🙂

    In my opinion the average myCRED user is not so average because he/she has access to the WordPress administration console –> the user knows how to do some simple configurations. Maybe some kind of query builder like:

    So, how can I help?




    could you, please, give me and idea where should i start?

    Also, you said that you like the idea – this means that you are going to implement it? if so, how can I help?



    Hey cata.

    Yeah probably something like the second link you mentioned.
    It does not need to be complicated and I kind of only see us needing 3 things, the hook dropdown, comparison and a value.

    So for example:

    Give 100 points if a user:

    Logged in 10 times OR
    Bought in store for more than $ 100

    While I like the idea, I would need to look into how this could be built and implemented and for that I need time, something I have little of right now since I am developing 1.5 at the moment.


    Any news about this Gabriel?

    The best way to handle this should be to create badges, and than reward extra points when they get the badge… I’ve searched in the forum but I dind’t find anyone asking for this, why? Is it possible to reward points when they get the badge?


    Hey Briancy.

    I plan on improving the badge add-on in future versions of myCRED allowing you to for example combine multiple requirements for badges. I unfortunately do not have a timetable for it yet.


    any news on this?



    I will be posting an update on where myCRED is heading and the plans for future features later today which will include information on this.


    Thank you for implementing something similar to this in 1.6 version.

    Is it possible to assign multiple conditions (challenges) for creating a badge?
    e.g. 1:
    – like var1_number times, every day/week/x days, for var2_period (days/week(s)/month(s)
    —->>>> like 10 times Every 1 day for 2 weeks >>> get badge_1

    e.g. 2:
    – combine multiple actions (mycred hooks from addons) for a badge
    —->>>> like 10 times Every 1 day for 2 weeks + watch 10 movies for 1 week >>>> get superbadge_1


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)

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