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    I Am currently Using Your Plugin. And Wow You Have Made A Very Good One. I Wanted To Know If There Was A Addon By Which I Convert The Points Into Money And Then Pay The Users. Like “Mike Has 100 Points” And He Will Be Paid “$50 for Every 100 Points” When He Reaches The Minimum Payout He Can Automatically Transfer The Money To His Paypal Or Any other Account. If There Is Already A Plugin For This Then Please Let Me Know. I Really Need It.



    myCRED does not have a payout system.

    The reason for this is because I intend to release several gamifications add-ons besides the lottery add-on. Since there is no payout system, these premium add-ons are only “games” while with a a payout system, depending on where in the world you are, you could be classified as a “gambling” site or “banking” service.

    If you feel comfortable with PHP it is however not impossible to implement as myCRED puts no restriction on this type of feature, it’s simply just not included.

    AvatarArsalan Chishti

    I Saw In Your Site That Points Are Also Converted Into $$ Dollars Which I Can Use To Shop Product From Within The Site. If You Could Tell Me How To Do That >?


    There is no conversion, all prices are in USD but just like a frequent flyer system, you can use the earned or purchased Tokens to pay for store products. You can also just pay USD directly or Bitcoins for that matter.

    This is done with the Gateway add-on which sets myCRED as payment gateway for WooCommerce, MarketPress, WP E-Commerce etc.

    I have my WooCommerce store setup to use USD which you can change to any other currency you want. Then I enable the myCRED Gateway and set an exchange rate between my stores currency (USD) and myCRED Points (Tokens). When a user selects to pay for their cart, the carts total cost is converted into Tokens and if the user has enough points, charge the user for the purchase.

    So you could technically create a “payout” system without any coding by creating a product in your store that has a monetary value, i.e. let users buy PayPal Gift Cards or Amazon Gift Cards using Points in your store. That could technically count as a “Payout”.

    AvatarArsalan Chishti

    Thank You Very Much. My Issue Is Completely Solved. I Love Your Plugin And I Will Recommend It To People Whenever Required.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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