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    Hi myCred,

    How are you? I just paid for the one year BUSINESS membership with 40% discount at $209.40 but can I change it to three year membership with 50% membership instead, that is $263.25 or an additional $53.85? I am sorry as I did not see the 3 year membership offering 50% discount since I was in a hurry to join the new membership club, so I would greatly appreciate if you could kindly consent to the change.

    If so, please kindly issue an invoice, say with a Paypal payment for the additional charge.

    BTW, does myCred have the assets (icons, badges, etc.) like in Gamipress? If not, can you implement something similar? Thanking you in anticipation of your kind endeavors hereof.

    Best Regards,
    James Ong

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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