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    Have you checked the documentation?

    Setting up a store that only accepts points as payment:
    (Requires the Gateway add-on)

    Letting users buy points:
    (Requires the buyCRED add-on)

    For the custom price setup you want to use, you will need to add some custom code snippet since the add-on applies one exchange rate to the amount of points you want to buy:

    in reply to: Assign rank and lock #32646

    Not in it’s current form. Right now the entire add-on is built around the concept of ranks being automatically assigned to users based on their balance. I do however have plans to add a manual option in which case this is disabled and you will have to edit each user to set / change their rank. Just like you can manually assign Badges to users.

    in reply to: The ranking progress bar #32645

    The rank progress shortcode was built to use the Visual Composer progress bar feature. So if your Visual Composer copy does not have a progress bar feature, it will not work. It’s not an error much as an incompatibility. You can always design your own progress bar or check the framework your theme was built-on (if it was) offers a progress bar feature you can use instead. For example, a theme built on the Bootstrap framework has a progress bar feature you could use instead.

    in reply to: Other Video Hosting #32544


    myCRED supports YouTube and Vimeo (via a premium plugin). There are no plans on adding in support for any other video player.

    in reply to: Lottery Beta #32457

    I will publish an invite when it is available next week in the blog with information on how to get your hands on it.

    in reply to: Website Account question #32371

    In the top right corner of the website in the “My Account” dropdown select “My Profile”.
    On this page, you will see a set of links under your avatar and the first one is “Edit Profile”.
    Here you can change your email address.

    There is also a contact form if you need further assistance: https://mycred.me/contact/

    in reply to: Paypal Fee #32297

    You can look at using this filter to adjust how much points cost and apply any fees there might exist with purchases:


    The beta version of the Lottery add-on 2.0 will be available for all license holders on Friday the 17th and if all goes well it is scheduled for launch on April 1st (no fools)

    The Scratch Card add-on update is schedule for next week.

    in reply to: mycred gateway in woocommerce not working #32039

    If you look at the documentation, you will find that myCRED does not payout points when you pay for your order using points.

    in reply to: Scratch Cards Addon Vs. WP Scratchit #31854

    The myCRED Scratch Card add-on was built for myCRED. The other plugin was not. I am unable to tell you exactly what the difference between the two as I have never used it. Looking at the comments section of the plugin I would say the difference are:
    – The Scratch Cards add-on supports creating multiple winning cards instead of just one.
    – WP Scratchit uses a myCRED hook which limits the winning payout options while the myCRED Scratch Cards add-on allows you to set the winning amount for each card. (Win 20 points here or 100 points there).

    But as I mentioned I do not know WP Scratchit so the above list can be incorrect or other differences might also exist (or not).
    I base my prices on the amount of time I spent developing the plugin and the amount of work I have to spend to support and help out with the plugin. The previous price of $49 would probably still be too high.
    Remember that while a license might expire, you can always continue using your plugin. It is financially impossible for me to build and support a product for live for $20, others might have more liberty on this front and can afford to have lower prices. In the end it comes down to what features you need and the financial value you are willing to apply to a product.

    in reply to: exchange form not working on mobiles #31853

    As myCRED comes with almost no CSS, how things look is up to your theme. You not being able to click on elements indicates CSS issue where elements and containers overlap. So some CSS styling is always required with myCRED as it is impossible for me to to design something that looks “good” or “correct” on the thousands of themes that currently exists for WordPress.

    in reply to: How to Change mycred_woo_reward_log text #31852

    The filter mycred_woo_reward_log can be accessed by using by adding your own filter.
    This is a WordPress functionality so you can find tons of information on how to do this in the WordPress documentations.
    Ex: https://developer.wordpress.org/reference/functions/add_filter/

    in reply to: MyCred on external Database #31845

    You can not change myCRED to pull data from external source. It can only process local data. myCRED was built to work around your local websites WordPress installation, just like you can not store your posts and post data externally you can not store point balances (user meta) externally.

    Instead, you would need to look at some sort of “sync” script between the sites or a remote API that keeps the site up to date. Since your UID will be unique on each site you will also need to find a piece of information that are used on both sites to identify users, e.g. an email address. But all this would have to be custom built, even if you choose to use the remote API in myCRED, you will need to script most of this.

    I would recommend you start by looking at what piece of information you could use to connect users on remote sites. If there is none you might need to look at building one, e.g. an API key of sorts. It really depends on what your end-game is. Are you just trying to sync balances or are you looking to build a way for users on Site A being able to use the points they have on site B?

    in reply to: Tutorial: Group series of Badges together #31672

    This custom code is not compatible with version 1.7+ due to the introduction of Badge Levels.

    in reply to: myCRED Birthdays and Email Notifications #31596


    You would be better of triggering your email the same way the add-on does. When the user gains the points for the birthday.
    The mycred_add_finished filter will fire once a transaction was completed (successfully or unsuccessfully).


    function mycred_pro_detect_birthdays( $result, $request, $mycred ) {
    	// Make sure this is a payout for birthdays (and a successfully one)
    	if ( $result === false || $request['ref'] != 'birthday' ) return $result;
    	// Do your thing
    	return $result;
    add_filter( 'mycred_add_finished', 'mycred_pro_detect_birthdays', 10, 3 );
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