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  • in reply to: Exchange Rate little problem #4564

    The exchange rate in the myCRED Payment Gateway in WooCommerce is between your stores currency and points.

    So if your store currency is Euro then you need to set the exchange rate for how many points 1 euro is worth. Has nothing to do with what exchange rate you are using in buyCRED. You would need to set the appropriate exchange rate in your buyCRED settings for the exchange rate between points and USD.

    in reply to: Best way to sell images? #4551

    That is a bit more tricky.
    You can set the button label either unique for each post or via your default settings which you will find on the myCRED > Settings page under “Sell Content”.

    You could set the text to be an empty string and then style the button to be an image via CSS. Setup a test page for sale and inspect the elements via your browser.


    input[name="mycred-buy-button"] { background-image: ... ; }
    in reply to: Lottery problem #4548


    Thank you for your feedback. Since this is a test, have you tried the 1.1 Beta?

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    You can not set the “Sell This” button to a image since images can be embedded in posts or added to galleries.

    The Sell Content add-on allows you to sell access to a posts content area or parts of it if you use the shortcode.

    If you add images or a gallery to a post, and the user buys that post, then he will be able to see the images and / or gallery.

    Anything that you put in the posts content field is what users purchase, be it a story, a video or an image.

    in reply to: Incoming Link Crediting #4505

    There is a tutorial for a simple referral program that gives you an example of how you can detect incoming visitors via a referral link. You could adjust it to look for your affiliate identifier instead of the one used in the tutorial.

    Let me know if you need any further assistance.

    in reply to: Batch Credits #4503


    Right now the only way to award points to all users is to use the Banking add-ons “Recurring Payouts” service. Otherwise you could write a function that runs though all your users and give them points via the mycred_add function. If you have a lot of users it would be faster to just run a custom database query that updates all user balances.

    in reply to: How to – rank progress #4478

    @oomskaap You do not need VC to do this. VC just offers some cool styling that I am taking advantage off.

    if you want to show your users progress in percentage then you could add a progress bar via some basic CSS styling. You would use the progress bars width where 100% will cause the progress bar to be full width else be x percent wide.

    I will look into adding a short tutorial to show how you can build your own progress bar. You just need the users current balance, the users rank post ID and from that you can get the maximum and minimum points requirements for the users current rank. Once you have the maximum number and the users current balance, you can do a very simple percentage calculation which you then use as the progress bars width.

    in reply to: A Good Theme? #4458

    Hi Douglas.

    Running out of memory is a common error, especially when your site starts to use a lot of plugins etc. Have you checked out the WordPress documentation on how to increate your memory? We all have to increase memory at some point.

    Regarding which theme is best, it all depends on what you want and what look and features you are looking for. Are you using BuddyPress? WooCommerce?

    in reply to: How do I control what each rank can do? #4453


    Since myCRED Ranks are custom post types, I can save custom post meta details for each rank just like with posts and pages. These meta data can then contain limits or enable features around my site.

    When it comes to the message restriction, I added a checkbox for each rank called “Enable Messaging” which is stored under a custom meta key. For example enable_bp_message.

    Next I override the compose.php file in BuddyPress via my theme and adjust it to show the form, based on this custom post meta.

    So how exactly is this done?

    Well a users rank is stored as a custom user meta which we first need to get. It is stored under the mycred_rank meta key. You can either get it directly via the get_user_meta function or use the myCRED mycred_get_users_rank function. The difference is that if the user does not have a rank, the mycred_get_users_rank function will also query and save the users rank for you.

    Once we have the rank ID, we can use the get_post_meta function to get the value of ‘enable_bp_message’.

    Here is a simple example function:

    function mycred_user_can_send_bp_messages() {
    	// If we are not logged in
    	if ( ! is_user_logged_in() ) return;
    	// Get users ID
    	$user_id = get_current_user_id();
    	// Get users rank post id
    	$users_rank_id = get_user_meta( $user_id, 'mycred_rank', true );
    	// Get our setting
    	$message = get_post_meta( $users_rank_id, 'enable_bp_message', true );
    	// Lets say we save either 'yes' or 'no'
    	if ( $message == 'no' ) return false;
    	// else return true
    	return true;

    Then we can use this function in the compose.php file by placing the following code in the top of the file:

    <?php if ( mycred_user_can_send_bp_messages() ) : ?>

    and the following in the bottom:

    <?php else : ?>
    <p>Sorry but you can not send messages.</p>
    <?php endif; ?>
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    The rank progress bar uses the “Progress bar” feature in the Visual Composer plugin along with some custom code in my theme.

    It’s actually a pretty simple little feature with some cool graphics added to it.

    Here the is the code that I use. Feel free to play with it. It’s a function that I insert into the appropriate theme file.

    in reply to: Hot to import/export rank #4443


    Ranks are custom post types, so you can export and import them just like any other post on your site.

    Have a look at the Tools > Export page in your WordPress admin area. You might need to install the WordPress Importer plugin if prompted on the import page.

    Since you can do this via WordPress, myCRED does not have an import / export feature for ranks.

    in reply to: Questions about weekly leaderboard #4397


    The weekly leaderboard resets each Monday and the reset button in the widget is just an option for you to reset the leaderboard before Monday if needed.

    When it comes to including a user avatar in the leaderboard you just need to copy a small piece of code into your themes functions.php file and you are all set.

    If you feel uncomfortable with PHP, you can always contact me directly via the contact form on this website and I can help you out for a nominal fee.

    in reply to: Change Rank Name #4389

    Ah! Now I understand.

    In the current version of myCRED the only way to do this is to disable showing ranks in users profiles and then insert it yourself with the proper label.

    On your myCRED > Settings page under “Ranks”, select “Do not show” for “Rank in BuddyPress” and then add it in yourself:

    add_action( 'bp_before_member_header_meta',  'insert_rank_in_profile_header_custom' );
    function insert_rank_in_profile_header_custom() {
    	// Only show to admins and the user
    	if ( bp_is_my_profile() || mycred_is_admin() ) {
    		$user_id = bp_displayed_user_id();
    		// Check for exclusions
    		if ( $this->core->exclude_user( $user_id ) ) return;
    		// Get the users rank (returns the name by default)
    		$rank_name = mycred_get_users_rank( $user_id );
    		echo '<div id="mycred-my-rank">Rep: ' . $rank_name . '</div>';
    in reply to: Leaderboard, how to use total vs current? #4356

    If you want you can contact me directly via the Contact page and I can help you out with the SQL

    in reply to: Change Rank Name #4353


    The above code will change the post type title (depending on which arguments you changed). If you are on the other hand looking to change i.e. the User List column label (which is “Rank”), you would need to change it by hooking into manage_users_columns after myCRED does.

    add_filter( 'manage_users_columns', 'mycred_pro_adjust_rank_column', 99 );
    function mycred_pro_adjust_rank_column( $columns ) {
    	unset( $columns['mycred-rank'] );
    	$columns['mycred-rank'] = 'Rep';
    	return $columns;
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