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    That sounds like it could work.

    So what code would I need to include to display the secondary point system to the just the owner. Ideally it would be displayed in the profile header. If somehow including it profile page is easier, that would be acceptable as well. Thanks!

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    Thanks Gabriel. This Buddypress setting shows up under the primary/default point system (points in my case), but not under the secondary point system (Gold in my case).

    Do I need to update any setting for this option to show up for my secondary point system?

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    Yes, I’m using a theme that uses BuddyPress for profile creation and maintenance. On this profile page, it displays both point system. Is it possible to hide it for everyone except the member.

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    I am trying to hide all instances of secondary point system (Gold) to be displayed publicly – from all instances to anyone else but the owner, who should be able to see it.

    For example, let’s say user Joe has earned 100 points and 30 golds through various actions/rules. I want everyone on the website to be able to see Joe has 100 points (myCRED settings allow me to do this).

    I am trying to understand what do I need to do, so that only Joe can view he has 30 golds, but no other website member (or visitor) can.

    Does that make sense?

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    Hi Gabriel,

    Thanks for your answer. Is the locked content still indexable by search engines or does it prohibit that?


Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)