Having trouble getting myCRED to work as described in the documentation? Open a support ticket! Issues or bug reports posted in the forums will be deleted. Helping out other members or answering questions will get you free Tokens that you can use as payment in the store.

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    Hi Gabriel,

    I did read the documentation earlier but still it did not solve anything because all along I did EVERYTHING as per the instructions in the document. All along the license was set to the live site and it is still far away from expiry. I did try out the addon in a test site but that was not a problem because as I said the license was set to the live site all along. Your instructions as below did not help either. So, having exhausted the options here I am opening this support ticket!

    “If you have setup your license and still see the “Not a licensed copy” message, click on the “View details” link and once the add-on information has been loaded, reload the page. Your license details should then be updated. If you still can’t get this message to update, check to make sure you have entered the correct site url for your license or open a support ticket.”

    Please check over your end and kindly fix the issue or please enlighten me as to what I should do next. Thanks again…

    Best Regards,

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