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    Hello. Again, the problem is relevant! At the very beginning, clicking on “subscribe” everything happened in the same window (perhaps Ajax) the subscription worked! – now by clicking on “Subscribe” I go to YouTube and have to subscribe there, and accordingly mycred does not work!!!!Possible changes to YouTube … Please take a look, is there anything you can do?

    in reply to: Youtube-subscribe-unsubscribe #32096

    Hello , a small problem, most likely YouTube changed something in the settings – when you click “Subscribe” the user goes to the website YouTube and the subscription happens there and on my website doesn’t count… But before that everything was fine

    in reply to: Youtube-subscribe-unsubscribe #19296

    Thank you very much, figured out – not once, but earned!

    in reply to: myCRED Link – Minimum Time Spent #19269

    Can I ask a question in the subject. If it is impossible to trace the user, on another site, then its you!!! Question – is it possible to make a timer (15 seconds) after the user click the link [mycred_link] but which leads to an internal page of the site. After opening internal links in new tab, immediately will be shown a notification with a countdown , after – crediting points!! bingo,

    if you would have picked up such a hook I’m willing to pay, need

    translate google

    in reply to: Youtube-subscribe-unsubscribe #19262

    I need your help!

    in reply to: myCRED Points for viewing a Video #19067

    until one video for a single user (id) for the second video running at the same time he would get points – translate google))

    in reply to: myCRED Points for viewing a Video #19064

    people watching videos at once with ten tabs, after watching all the videos will receive payment immediately for all your video I understand you correctly? Is it possible to make so that when you view two, three, etc. video payment would be only one at the moment

    in reply to: myCRED Points for viewing a Video #19050

    Good day, I understand that you are busy, but you please answer the question that if it is not possible, then no, not in my power, if the money in question, say so, sorry for the sharpness…

    in reply to: myCRED Points for viewing a Video #19008

    Good day. Question in topic is If the user opens 10 tabs with video content, for which it will pay, and will look (to start video )he will receive a payment for all the pages at once !!! I checked. Is it possible to do so while one video is not inspected, the second video, while running the payment was not made???

    in reply to: Seem to have lost video watching points #17465

    Hello, I noticed that turning the “Banking” points also will be awarded, (for watching videos) when you disconnect , everything is fine, Maybe a conflict…
    And a plugin and WordPress latest version


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)