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Having trouble getting myCRED to work as described in the documentation? Open a support ticket! Issues or bug reports posted in the forums will be deleted. Helping out other members or answering questions will get you free Tokens that you can use as payment in the store.

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    I hope it’s just a late autumn depression.

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    That is great! No need to buy me a coffee, a simple thank you is enough. Just, next time when you see a homeless person, give this money to him/her on my behalf. Let’s make world a better place, one step at a time.


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    Try this – go to buyCRED Payment Gateways -> PayPal Payments Standard -> Exchange Rates and change 0,016 to 0.016.
    Please check it and reply as soon as possible.

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    Well I have setup a test website, and I have exact same problem!
    I’ll try to figure this out.

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    I see you use Gifting function? Do you really need it?
    Try to disable it.

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    [mycred_buy_form] this is your basic shortcode if you have 1 point type and only paypal, and you want user to choose how many points he/she wants to buy.

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    Plus if you use decimals in your point type coeurs, you should use amount=”10.50″ with “”.

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    How many decimals do you use? How many point types you have?
    Did you changed (at some point) number of decimals, after the first setup process?
    Did you nulled all balances? Did you make second point type and then made it default (deleted the default point type)?
    Any of the above?

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    [mycred_buy gateway="paypal-standard" amount=100 ctype="customtypekey"]Buy 100 Coins[/mycred_buy]
    Have you tried “customtypekey” change to “coeurs”?
    I’m trying to eliminate small things, to replicate the issue.

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    What exchange rate have you set. Can you give me some info on your setup?

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    Hi, i have been in your situation.
    I was mad! But then i realised that this whole thing is made by one person. This is titanical work. And we all have to wait. This forum is a very difficult to maintain by it’s own. Please describe your problem, and maybe some of us can help.

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    Any news on this subject?
    I have a similar question.

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    @fcpro I’m helping in making WordPress websites, for more than 10 years now. Mostly to clients that are new to WordPress.
    Basic stuff if you know, what I mean. I don’t have the expertise, but I did a research on different business models, to guide my clients in desired directions. I’m giving a starting point and a basic info, to start in a field of possibilities.

    My other proposition will be an ad spot. Where makers of plugins and templates, wp hosting providers, can post an ad and pay with points. Of course points can be bought here. If Gabriel can make such a plugin, I’ll definitely buy it.
    A plugin where you can choose an ad spot, with option to choose between impressions (rotation) and static rent.
    With ability to set maximum impressions per day, and other features for an ad campaign. Plus paid links and paid videos, like an extension for myCRED’s points for visiting links and watching videos.
    Just another food for thought.

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    AvatarAslan Guseinov

    @fcpro Sorry but my name is ASLAN not ASIAN.
    In terms of platform, you must maintain WP updates. This will lead to hire more assistance, tests before update.
    Because if you have more than 100 installs, it will be an overkill to help them out.
    Imagine dumb questions about theme and plugin compatibility. Maintaining servers + software updates, and e.t.c.
    In sass or saas approach, it will be easier. In my opinion.

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    AvatarAslan Guseinov

    As far as I’m concerned, Gabriel already have a working infrastructure.
    Registered company, website with shopping cart, licensing ability, PayPal and products.
    So this part is ready.
    Affilate program will not work, in this scenario.
    Because nobody here wants to create more competitors, in their niche.
    So the only thing is left, is a PRO version of myCRED.
    With community status like “Backer”, with higher level of support. With ability to try out add-ons.
    With ability to vote in a poll, for choosing new feature. With ability for users to add their own suggestions in poll.
    Or make a SASS approach, Software as Service. Where users lease add-ons.

    Any way, this is a food for thought.
    I hope Gabriel will look at this.

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