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Are you using wpmudev plugins and looking to add support for myCRED? Then I want to hear from you!

Once 1.4 is released I will be planning on adding support for several WPMUDEV plugins and want to hear what features you would like to see!


Last edited April 18, 2014

  1. Hi,
    May we know now what are the “several WPMUDEV plugins” you are planning to support.

    * I used to had a membership with them, but I give up because I could not find french ressources for it.


  2. Some ideas you could explore :

    – Membership, but I remember that you’ve already done a gateway.
    – Post Voting Plugin : giving points to poster when voting (thumb up), ability to give points to poster from user balance or from “nowhere”.
    – Fundraising (paying with mycred)
    – Appointments + (paying my mycred)
    – e-Newsletter : giving points for subscription to newsletter

  3. They have a ton of great plugins. I have almost purchased a membership several times. You providing support for them would push me to make that buying decision for their membership.

    I have had my eye on their CHAT plugin

  4. I think the “Ultimate Facebook” with mycred would be a great feature.

    But reward members when they share content is what i really want to see here.

  5. I have be thinking to create something with this amazing plugin.
    I have be watching your excellent progress .
    I am also a member of WPMU so it will be very nice to start working on some of their plugins.
    facebook the first, google+, social share maybe… pay with a like (point for like) Invite also will good. newsletter, Fundraising, Q&A, pay Affiliates with points ….
    little by little .
    Perfect thanks

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