Customizing The Plugin
Developer Friendly

myCRED was not built to “do it all”. Instead, a lot of effort has been put into making it as developer friendly as possible. Anyone with a good understanding of PHP along with basic knowledge of WordPress environments can extend it by building new features, customize existing ones or built custom bridges for third-party plugins.

Code Snippets

Some of the most common customization requests are available in the form of code snippets that only requires you to know how to copy and paste code into your theme’s functions.php file / custom plugin.


I have put together a few tutorials to introduce you how myCRED works or to give some ideas on how myCRED features can be used.

Custom Development

If you feel uncomfortable with PHP, I am happy to offer customization services building custom bridges for third-party plugins, customizing built-in features or build brand new ones. Submit your request to receive a quote.


There is a minimum fee of $ 49 for custom development. Depending on the requested feature I charge an hourly rate for all development work. If you are willing to share your custom feature with the myCRED community, I offer a 50% discount on the final price.