Note: This is to inform you that these snippets are around 2 years old so these might not work for everyone.

Transfer Post Ownership on Purchase

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This code snippet will make the buyer the new owner of a post set for sale using the Sell Content add-on in myCRED. Requires myCRED 1.6 or higher.

Copy the code into your child theme's functions.php file.

  1. I have a doubt here. If the member who purchases is assigned a user role of ‘subscriber’ and he purchased the post then will his role change to ‘author’? Will he or she be able to edit/delete the post?

    1. Of course not. Transferring ownership does not all of the sudden give you roles you do not have. If you are however a subscriber and get the ownership of the post, you will not be able to edit it since you will lack the editing capabilities.

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