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myCRED User Awarded

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This is a complete plugin for the display of the total current users myCRED awarded and lost points in front end. You can either use it through the post or page shortcode or by placing the shortcode within your theme template files at your desired location to suite your needs.

Simply add this completed plugin code to a file named 'myCRED_total.php' without the apostrophes. Once you have created your 'myCRED_total.php' Simply add it to a new folder renamed 'myCRED_total_awards' again without the apostrophes. Once you have your 'myCRED_total.php' within the 'myCRED_total_awards' folder you need to zip file your 'myCRED_total_awards' folder and upload it through your wp-admin dashboard using the plugin file uploader. You can access this by going to your wp-admin and navigating to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin. Follow all onscreen instruction via WordPress and once uploaded activate the plugin. To use the plugin simply place the [myCREDtotal] shortcode anywhere within your post and pages to display the total points awarded and lost for the current logged in user. If you would like to add this to your theme's files such as header.php for example simply add and this will allow the posts and pages shortcode to work within your theme files also.

  1. The license in this snippet should be GPL, this is not GPL language:

    * This software is only used under the domain name registered with the purchased
    * license though the BirminghamIU website ( Exception is given for localhost
    * installations or test enviroments.
    * This software can not be copied and installed on a website not licensed.

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