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Custom myCRED Hook allowing you to award / deduct points from users when they complete a quiz via the WP Pro Quiz Plugin. Requires myCRED 1.5.3 or higher.

The above code snippet goes into your theme's functions.php file.

Last edited October 20, 2014

  1. I have created a quiz in my website ,
    1) if any one clicked on next question or back in quiz the page has to reload ( it means i need an impression if someone clicked on those options ).
    2) How to put my ads in quiz section
    3) I would like to provide negative marking for my quiz such a

    (100 questions, 200 marks, 2 marks per question ) : Attempted – 100 , Correct – 80, Incorrect – 20
    Correct answers 80 x 2 = 160 marks

    Deduction: (1 wrong answer x 0.33% marks) so for 1 wrong answer = 0.66 marks (R) marks. So for 20 wrong answers : 20 x 0.66 = 13.2 marks to be deducted from 160.

    Final Score for Paper 1 : 160 – 13.2 = 146.8

    I dont know even basic coding please provide step by step instructions.

  2. Hi Gabriel,

    shall i know where this negative marks option will be viewed in Admin side ?

    Where i need to give negative marks for questions ?

    I need to give negative marks only for few questions in quiz program. How i do that ?

    Thanks In Advance


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