WPMU DEV Requests Closes on April 16th

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If you are using any of WPMU DEV’s awesome plugins, you have until April 16th to voice your opinion on what plugins you would like to see working with myCred

Leave your comments below or open a new topic under “Third Party Hooks” in the myCred Support Forum.

I will post the results after easter.

  1. Why limit – many good ones – especially Ultimate Facebook, Social Marketing, and Pay With A Like

    also – Q&A – Fundraising – Events – Pay Per View – Comments+ – Floating Social – Status – The Google+ Plugin – Post Voting Plugin – Buddy Press Activity Plus – Affiliates – Auto Message – User Synchronization – Communities – User Activity- Comment Form Text – Invite – etc etc

  2. It would be really big if you could implement a hook that deducts points upon booking in appointment in the Appointments+ plugin. Also to purchase credits at a variable “exchange rate” through marketpress would be major.

    I’ve noticed in the WPMU supports there have been a lot of questions as to how a company like a fitness studio could let users buy training “packages” at a discount per session based off of the amount of sessions were in the package. The system would then need to keep track of how many remaining sessions the client had left.

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