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Scheduled Maintenance – January 4th

This Sunday January 4th at 2PM – 3PM (GMT +1), the myCred website and Codex will be offline due to scheduled maintenance. I will be updating the documentation in preparation for 1.6 and update WooCommerce. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

Share your favorite myCred code snippets and earn Tokens

You have a code snippet that you think other myCred users would love as well? The new Code Snippets section here on the myCred website now accepts submissions from members.


How it works

Visit the Code Snippets page at and click on the Submit New button on the top right corner of the page.

You can submit either your code snippet raw or link to a Gist and once the code snippet has been reviewed it will be made available to all members and you will be credited 25 Tokens. Remember that your submitted snippet will not be visible until it has been approved.

Note that snippets that are just copy / pasted from the Codex will not grant Tokens.

Generate your own myCred avatar

For those who do not like the custom generated avatar here on the myCred website there is now an option to create your own avatar via the SVG Avatars Generator! To generate your own avatar, login to your myCred account and visit your profile. Here click on the “Change Avatar” link and get started.

Scheduled Maintenance – Wednesday September 17

The website will offline on Wednesday September 17th from 9AM – 10AM (UTC +1) for scheduled maintenance. The myCred Codex will not be effected by this.

Coming Soon: Code Snippets

With the launch of 1.5, I will be adding a new code snippet section to the myCred codex for commonly asked quick customizations for myCred. myCred Members can submit code snippets and if published earn Tokens!

WordPress developers can market their skills and services for free!

WordPress developers can list their profiles both on the and sites free of charge! No commissions and no subscription required! You can let your customers leave reviews (which gives them Tokens) and accept Token tips via your own Tip-jar!

Tip: Filter users by point balance

You might already know that you can sort users according to their balance but what if you want to see only users with 100 points? While there is no field to fill out, you can do this via your URL by sing the amount or ctype variables together with orderby=balance.

Example 1: Show only users with 100 points:

Example 2: Show only users with 0 points:

Example 3: Show only users with 100 credits (custom point type):

Remember to repliace mycustomtypekey with the meta key you set for your custom point type!

Remember to Setup your License Key to receive updates!

If you are one of the awesome people who have purchased one of my premium add-ons, remember to set up your license key on your myCred Account in order to keep your copy up to date!

To set up your license, visit your profile and click on “Licenses”. Enter your website URL and the next time your website checks for plugin updates it will check with myCred as well.

Tip: The myCred Store now also accepts Bitcoins!

Not a big fan of PayPal? No problem! The myCred Store now accepts Bitcoin payments via BitPay!

Tip: Store Purchases

Remember that you earn myCred Tokens for each store purchase!

Tip: myCred Polls

myCred members can earn extra Tokens by participating in online polls.