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New Support Portal Online

After some delays, I am finally done with the new ticket system for issues and premium support.

Support Tickets

For now, the ticket system will only be used for issues/bugs in myCred and support for premium add-ons. General “how-to” questions or customizations will not be accepted via this system for now but will be added later.

In the next few days, I will be moving over issues reported in the forum to the ticket system but if you have a topic in the forum you can post it in the ticket system as long as you add in a link to the original topic.

Premium add-on support has higher priority than the free myCred plugin support. You can however increase the priority using Tokens.

You can always access your support tickets at

Product License Changes

The product licenses have been upgraded as well. From today, any purchased product provides an annual support license instead of a license that lasts forever. Product support and updates will be free while you have a valid license. Once it has expired, you can continue to use the plugin without any restriction but no support/updates are provided.

If you have purchased a license before today (September 23, 2015), your license will remain unlimited as a thank you for your support. Users who have not activated their licenses 2 years after the purchase, will however lose their license. So please make sure you do it before October 1st. After that, the 2-year rule will be applied to all existing buyers. I have sent out an email to each user who is affected by this.

For those who no longer want to use a premium add-on, I will be introducing a licensed market where you can sell your unlimited licenses to other myCRED members.

You can read more about licenses here.