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myCred Update

First of, an apology is in order. I have been away for a long time and and not been able to provide the same level of support as I have since myCRED was created. I do apologize for this.

With the low number of sales and the high popularity of myCRED it has been a hard couple of months. While I am working as hard as I can to answer emails and work my way though the forum, I am still way behind.

Since I can not get enough sales in the store to pay for the free support I am providing, I will be revamping the support forum. Technical issues and Premium add-on support will remain free. But the customizations I have been giving away for free (80% of my emails) will no longer be possible.

The past couple of months I have had to take on larger development works in order to make ends meet as I depleted my savings working 14 hours a day for free. This of course led to me falling behind on support emails as I could no longer afford to spend 14-16 hours a day on myCRED.

On Monday September 14th version 1.6.4 will be released to bring up compatibility to WP 4.3 and I intend to re-write the Sell Content add-on to allow sales of content using multiple point types. I will also add some minor changes like allowing stats to be used on the front end and not just the back end. But at this point I feel myCRED has a very large set of free features, covering a vast range of topics it can handle. So at this stage I do not plan on adding any new features to myCRED (unless some great ideas pop up from you guys/girls).

So I hope you can forgive me for my absence and be assured that I am working as hard as I can to answer emails and forum topics.


// Gabriel