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myCred for UserPro

It has finally arrived! With this new premium add-on you can now connect myCred with UserPro!
This new add-on gives you the power to:

  • Award / deduct points for users following eachother.
  • Award / deduct points for users becoming verified.
  • Option to insert your users point balance(s) in their profiles if you do not want to use “Profile Fields”.
  • Option to insert your users rank and / or rank logo in their profiles. You can either let this add-on do the work for you, or if you prefer, add in their rank and logo yourself using “Profile Fields”.
  • Use the mycred_history shortcode via the [userpro] shortcode.
  • Option to insert a users rank promotion / demotion in their activity feed.

You can find more information, FAQ and installation guides on the myCred for UserPro add-on page. Feel free to comment on any further features you would like to see.