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Lottery Add-on 1.1.1

The myCred Lottery add-on has been updated to version 1.1.1!

In this version, I have fixed a few bugs related to incorrect times being shown for lottery schedules or WordPress buttons being translated by mistake. I have also added a new widget to show the drawn numbers for lotteries and fixed the duplicate winner display bug.
Please make sure you have your license set up in order to see this update in your WordPress area and if you decide to manually update, please make sure you disable the lottery add-on before updating and not just replacing files on your server!
Since this version fixes issues with the schedule, it is important that you do not update to this version while you have lotteries running! Make sure your lottery is in Paid position waiting to restart/start before updating or you might experience incorrect scheduling.
A big thank you to everyone who has been reporting bugs and helping me squash them!

Features for 1.2

Feature requests for version 1.2 are now open! Please make sure you post your request in the Premium Forum before March 30th!
Features coming to 1.2:

  • Option to schedule monthly lotteries
  • Option to schedule manual lotteries that require you to close, draw and pay
  • Option to set the scheduled time instead of even hours.
  • Rewrite how lottery entries are stored to better manage draws and payouts of a large number of entries.


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