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There has been some request for BuddyPress group points and I am kind of curious to hear what interest, if any, there is for a feature like this.

Ideas so far:

  • A “Group” account that is connected to the group creator.
  • Option for members to deposit to this account either in lump sums or set in group membership settings to take a percentage from their “earnings”.
  • Custom group log page where you can see who deposited.
  • Group option to either set on an individual bases or by group role who can withdraw from the group account and how much.
  • Option to add group to the activity when points are deposited / withdrawn.
  • Global option for when a group gets deleted, who gets the group account. Either it is given to the owner or equally distributed amongst members or just deleted.

Let me know what you think!

  1. I can see uses for this, like for club groups that only want ‘paying’ group members. So I’d be interested.

    I’d still like to see a Donations module, as requested by other users in the forums though.

  2. I’m not an actual user of BuddyPress, but I can see “BUDDYPRESS GROUP POINTS” as an interresting crowd-funding system for everyday tasks to noble causes.

    Concerning the deletion, either give the points to the group founder or give them back proportionally to what everyone donated.

  3. Hi Master G.

    Personally I don’t have an immediate need for something like this if you are asking for my opinion. It could be useful though for site admins to create a kind of “members only” / premium forum and/or protected content in conjunction with other plugins that enable pages for groups. Or if group creation is enabled for all users it would be nice if admin can apply myCRED Banking to the group so admin can charge a “rent” for providing the facility of hosting the group.

    Also, what will the group points be used for? If myCRED Ranks along with an “Order By – Points” filter can be applied to the group I can see it’s use in creating some kind of competition between groups to see who can rank highest. Other than that I can’t really see the use for something like this.

  4. Adapt rank to have the possibility to make a rank by group only.

    Who is the best in a group…
    What group have the most cred

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