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After some hard work I am happy to announce that the 1.5 Beta3 is now available for willing beta testers out there! Remember to post bugs and issues you find in the Beta forum to earn your Tokens!

The beta is not recommended for live sites at this stage! If you still want to test it on a live site, please make sure you backup your database and keep a copy of 1.4.7 near by! You should also take this opportunity to check that any customizations you might have added via a third-party plugin or your themes functions.php file works after updating to 1.5.

If you get the white screen of death when activating 1.5, please start by removing your customizations!

If all goes well 1.5 will be launched next Monday or if a lot of bugs are found the Monday after that.


AS mentioned earlier, myCred 1.5 requires WordPress 3.8 or higher AND PHP 5.3 or higher! No further support will be given for older WordPress versions!


Version 1.5 mainly focuses on expanding support for Multiple Point Types by improving the built-in add-ons.


1.5 is installed just like any other version. The important thing to remember is that if you choose to install it manually via FTP, you must disable then re-enable myCred on the Plugins page in your admin area!! This is so the update script can run which will need to make some minor adjustments to your saved settings, particularly if you are using the buyCred add-on!

If you experience issues, remember to enable WP_DEBUG in your wp-config.php file and post the fatal error message with your bug report!

User Profile

In 1.5, the user profile editor in your admin area has received a facelift. I have added a new tab menu on the top of the profile page (just like BuddyPress) where a users balance is presented along with some new features. If you are using Multiple Point Types, you will notice that I have added in a new tab for each point type you have registered and to which the user has access to. If a user is excluded from a particular point type, this tab will not be available.

Easy Exclusions

While you still manage your excluded users on the myCred > Settings page under “Core Settings”, you can not exclude any user from any particular point type with a simple click of a button!

Adjust Balance

The balance adjustment has been moved under the new point type tabs for easier management!


On each point type, you can now also override some default settings for your users! Want to give a user a custom profit share for content sales? No problem!


Example when selling multiple point types. The mycred_buy_pending shortcode can be used multiple times, once for each point type.

buyCred now supports sale of multiple point types! You will notice that all payment gateways now has a separate exchange rate depending on which point type your users can buy. Once updated, please go to your myCred  > Settings page and under “buyCred” tick all the point types you want to sell! If you do not do this, you will only see the point type you have set to sell in 1.4.

Important! The 1.5 Beta DOES NOT SUPPORT premium gateways! Once 1.5 is officially released, all premium payment gateways will also be updated to bring support to 1.5!

Pending Payments

View all pending payments and approve them by clicking on “Pay Out”.

Each time a user selected to buy Points, a “Pending Payment” is created which you can access in your admin area under the myCred menu. Using the new mycred_buy_pending shortcode, your users can cancel pending payments to select to pay them at a later stage if they had to cancel for some reason. You can also approve a pending payment directly from your admin area in case a payment notification did not arrive.

User Level Override

Via the new profile overview in your admin area, you can now override a user’s exchange rate for the buyCred add-on. Have a VIP customer / user you want to offer a custom exchange rate? No problem! You will find each payment gateways exchange rate inserted under each point type tab in your profile editor for easy convenience.

New Payment Gateways

Once 1.5 has been launched, two new premium gateways will be available: AliPay and Coin Payments.


Showing all the badges a user has earned in the profile header.

In 1.5 I am introducing a new add-on called “Badges”. This is a very simple badge system where you can award badges based on users points history. Very similar to Rank with the biggest difference being that Badges are based on actions a users has gained points for while Ranks are solely based on a users balance.

As I mentioned earlier, my intention here is not to re-invent the wheel. There are some awesome and more advanced badge plugins for WordPress that would suit you better if you want advanced features. I will with the launch of 1.5 release a “Badge Plus” premium addon which will bring some more features to this add-on but I am not looking to turn myCred into a badge plugin!

Everything is of course customizable and easy to expand if you feel comfortable with PHP.

How it works

You can create any number of badges but they can by default only be connected to one particular action i.e. point gains for logging in. You can select to either count the number of times a user has done something (i.e. logged in 365 times) or sum up the amount of points a user has gained (i.e. Transferred for more then 10,000 points).

It’s important to remember here that if you base a badge by summing up users log entries, you must also take into account if the user has gained or lost points. For example if you want to give a badge for making a lot of transfers, the amount required must be a negative one since each time you transfer you lose points. So setting that the badge requires 10,000 points to be transferred will be reached by no one. Instead you should use a minus sign. Similarly if you want to give a badge for a particular hook where you instead of awarding, deduct points from users, you can not set the requirement to be a positive value.

Since each time a user transfers he “loses” points, we must use a negative value for the requirement.
Badge Images

There are two options here. You can either select to only show a “Main Image” in which case if a user does not yet earned a particular badge, no badge image is shown. Or, you can set a “Default Image” as well as the “Main Image” in which case the default image is shown if the user has not earned a badge. You could use this to show a user that there is a badge he could earn but have not yet done so. The choice is yours.

Assigning Badges

Once a badge is published, it will be assigned each time a user gains / loses points or when you click “Assign Badge”. If you plan on removing a badge, I have added the “Remove Connections” button which will delete the badge from all your users accounts, keeping your database clean. You should also do this when you have made changes to the badge requirements!

Showing Badges

If you visit the myCred > Settings page you will see that the Badge add-on has two optional settings. You can select to let the add-on insert a users earned badges in their BuddyPress profile and / or bbPress profile or topic reply (or both).

But the add-on also comes with two new shortcodes:

mycred_my_badges – Will show the current logged in users badges. You can select if you want to show all badges (earned and not yet earned) or show only earned badges.

mycred_badges – Will return ALL published badges with the option to insert the badges title and requirements.

New Hooks

Version 1.5 comes with two new built-in hooks:

Points for sharing

Award points for users sharing content on social media sites via the ShareThis plugin! Please make sure you setup ShareThis before using this hook. Each time you add / remove services in your ShareThis settings you must also check and update your hook settings! Multiple point types is supported but users can only gain points ONCE per service and content. So you can not award points for a user sharing a post twice to Facebook.

Remember that you can use post related template tags along with the custom %service% tag which is replaced with the name of the service used to share.

The hook also supports Like/Unlike and Follow / Subscribe services.

Points for Site Visit

This new hook allows you to award users points for daily visits to your website.

Banking Add-on

The banking add-on has been updated to allow you to override a users interest rate via their profile giving a user a custom rate. You can also nominate a list of User IDs or roles that are to be ignored by the Banking add-on.


Both the mycred_leaderboard and the myCred Leaderboard Widget has been updated to allow you to base them on either a users balance or their actions. This means that you can now create leaderbaords based on individual actions such as logins or commenting. You could create a leaderboard for the users that have gained most points by commenting for example.


Exchange one point type for another. Colors in the image are only used to indicate how each shortcode attribute effects the shortcode.

Want to allow users to exchange one point type for another? The new mycred_exchange shortcode can help you to do just that!

Originally I started off with a really complicated feature for this but soon realized that I was making things way to complicated. So I created the mycred_exchange shortcode which is as simple as it can get. You set the point types you want to trade, the exchange rate and a minimum and you are set. You can use the shortcode multiple times for selling multiple point types.

  1. Yesss ! It seems awesome ! I like the Exchange idea, I still don”t know what to do with that, but I think it can realy allow a lot of great possibility ;).

    I’m fan of your job Gabriel !

    1. The exchange is not something that everyone would use of course, but it’s one of the most requested features. You could combine earned points and bought points for example one having more value than the other. There are tons of possibilities like converting points you worked for (commenting, publishing, logging in, inviting, sharing etc) to points that can be used in the store and have a monetary value.

  2. Looks amazing! Thanks a million. I am going to try it. I am a strong supporter of your work and fan of you. You inspire me!

  3. Thanks for this great update. I will test it on our development website. How am I able to show the purchase history of a user (buyCRED)?

    1. Have a look at the mycred_history shortcode which will show the current users points history. By default this shortcode will show all log entries (unfiltered) but you can filter it to only show specific instances i.e. point purchases via PayPal:

      [mycred_history ref="buy_creds_with_paypal_standard"]
    2. Thanks. How am I able to display all payments which have been done by any payment gateway? And how am I able to include the chosen gateway?

  4. WOW

    You’re amazing Master G!!!

    Was wondering if it is possible to implement automatic transfers between two sets of point types, i.e. points and tokens. I am referring to a situation where I want to distinguish between points earned and tokens bought. So one set of users, we’ll call them “contributors” will compete through normal myCRED functions for points by selling content making comments etc. However, when a user buys credit through buyCRED it is kept separate as “tokens” for instance. It can only be earned and converted automatically from tokens to points when that user buys content from another user. That will allow us to indicate and reward our most prolific contributors and website users with points that can only be earned through the use of our myCRED powered websites as oppose to the user just making a cash deposit (which is also nice) to gain instant “fake” points…

    So it will take “tokens” from the buying user’s account and give “points” to the selling user’s account. I am specifically thinking of the selling content and gateway for selling goods/ downloads etc. of the current myCRED functions but also perhaps a transfer or “vote” type function where we take a specified amount of tokens form the user’s account and give points to the publisher/ commenter just by clicking on a link or button on that post for instance.

    Thanks for the great work Master G. This is truly useful additions to an already amazing plugin.

  5. Hi there, i am testing 1.5. I want to ask about banking:

    How can we give custom rates to users? I counldt find it in the profile ?

    “”Recurring payouts & Compound Interest, based on ranks, badges, user id’s, & in order to get payout having minimum amount of point types. And if a user have this, this and that point types with certain amounts he/she gets a certaion amount of other point type.”” Is that possible?

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