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After several weeks of delay I happy to announce that version 1.4 is now available for download. A BIG thank you to everyone who helped beta test this version!

Before You Update

  1. As always make sure you backup your database before updating just to be safe!
  2. Make sure that any customization you might have in your themes functions.php file or in a third-party plugin will not brake your website when you update.
  3. Version 1.4 requires WordPress 3.5 or higher. This will be the last major release with support for versions below 3.8.

Once you have updated

Once you have updated you will need to do 3 things for a successful update:

  1. Visit the myCred > Hooks page and click “Update Changes” on the bottom of the page.
  2. Visit the myCred > Settings page and click “Update Changes” on the bottom of the page.
  3. Visit the Appearance > Widgets page and save all myCred Widget settings (if you use myCred Widgets).

If you are installing myCred for the first time however these three steps are not necessary!

The myCred Codex

I am a few days behind with the codex and you will find a few pages are still missing content. I will finish updating the codex over the next couple of days so I hope you bear with me.

What’s new in 1.4?

Multiple Point Types

Points, Coins, Tokens, Creds, Bucks, call them what you want and have as many as you want! Visit your myCred > Settings page to setup your point types. Each type gets it’s own log page, hook page and settings page to keep things simple.


BitPay Gateway

buyCred now supports points purchases via Bitcoins using BitPay!


Coupons Add-on

Say hello to the new Coupons add-on which allows you to set up coupons that users can redeem in order to get points!


New Points for Referral Hook

Based on the most popular myCred Tutorial, the new Referral hook allows you to give points to users who refer visitors and/or registrations on your website! This is a very basic referral system and it is not my intention to replace existing referral systems out there. If you need more advanced features, you will need to look at plugins that specialize in referrals.



The Log

The myCred log now supports paginations, inline editing and deletions. You can now also set to delete a user’s log entries if they themselves get deleted. You can enable/disable this on the myCred > Settings page under “Core”.


New Dashboard Widget

The myCred Overview dashboard widget has been completely re-designed and cleaned up.


New Leaderboard

As of version 1.4, myCred will no longer offer to update the leaderboard on a daily/weekly/monthly basis! The leaderboard now instead gets updated when your users gain points and supports a larger number of users. You will need to re-save your widget settings (if you use it) to show your correct position in the leaderboard.



The buyCred add-on can now present a custom log page for all purchases to help you keep track of sales. You can enable / disable this on the myCred > Settings page under “buyCred”.


Missing Add-ons?

You will notice that two add-ons are no longer available! Don’t worry, they are not gone!


The BuddyPress add-on has been removed and instead added into the myCred Core files. It is now treated just as any other plugin that myCred supports. If BuddyPress is installed and enabled, your BuddyPress related settings and hooks will be automatically visible.



The Import add-on is the second add-on that has been removed. You can instead now find the myCred Importers directly under Tools > Import. myCred now supports complete CubePoint log imports.


Added Support

Gravity Forms

myCred now supports form submissions via the Gravity Form plugin! Work just like the Contact Form 7 hook. If Gravity form is installed, you will find the new hook on your myCred > Hooks page.



myCred now has built-in support for Disqus comments! Note that in order for myCred to award points for comments, you must sync comments with your website. If you have selected not to sync comments, no points will be awarded!


rtMedia Uploads

myCred can now allow you to award or deduct points from users who upload media files!


BuddyPress Links

The BuddyPress Links add-on has been updated to allow you to award/deduct points based on up or downvotes.


Note that all premium plugins will receive an update tomorrow to add support for 1.4

  1. Only thing I’m seeing is users can’t access their logs. Looking for a setting to change.

  2. Super Pumped!!! Thanks for your had work and continual support. Going to buy some more stuff for you to support your efforts and super talent.

  3. Hello,
    Nice plugin, what about if want to use each point type as a payement method and not choose between one of them ?
    This will be great use especialy if there is different types of products for users to choose from.


    1. Hi.

      Right now myCRED only supports payment via one selected point type, but that does not mean that things will not change. I welcome feedback on what features you would like to see in future versions.

      The “issue” I see is that you will soon make things very complicated for yourself. You would need to then separate products according to what type you can buy it with and what gateway you can use to pay for what. But I could be misunderstanding your question.

    2. Hey,
      Thanks for your replay, and thats exactly what i want to do 🙂
      Lets say there is 2 types of points (A and B)
      I want the users to be able to earn A points and use them for specific products, or buy B points and use them for specific products.
      You see; its the exact need, there is many plugins to allow to choose specific payement gateway for specific product.

      Any luck making a function or something like that please ?

      Thank you 🙂

    3. I have had a look at it but have not yet found a solution hence why it was not included in 1.4. Multiple Point Types brings a whole new set of possibilities for what and how you can use myCRED. I am happy with adding features but I also want to take things nice and easy in order to give you guys a chance to get a feel for things first.

  4. Just wanted to say thank so much for this update. Everything is working great so far. The Gravity Forms hook is a lifesaver for me.

  5. Multiple points… THANK YOU!!!

    I’m excited to see this coming live, even more so since I suggested it once (although I doubt I was the only one to suggest this).

    A great update, full of great news!
    Of course Multiple Points are NOT the only thing I appreciate but… it’s my favorite.
    Can’t help about that! 😀

    THANKS! 1000 TIMES THANKS! ^_^

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