Frequently Asked Questions

My point type is set not to use decimals. Can I still give points that contains decimals?

No you can not. Whenever you are asked to enter a point value, the value is formatted based on your point type setup. So if you select not to use decimals and enter in a decimal value in a field, the fields value will be formatted without decimals so 0.40 will become 0.

Can I use myCred on my blog?

No. You can find more information on what plugins that can be used on a blog on their support page.

If you are looking to host your own WordPress website, I recommend One for shared hosting or for professional web hosting (shared or dedicated), WP Engine – which hosts

Can I show my users history / log on the front?

Yes! We have several shortcodes that does just this. The myCred_history shortcode, for example, allows you to show the current user’s log entries.

I am not interested in using new “features” that comes with updating myCred, do I still need to update?

You don’t have to update but we highly recommend it! Besides new features and performance improvements, myCred updates also tend to contain bug fixes. Some might not affect you now but might come into play later.

Remember that most “features” in myCred are disabled by default so even if you update, you would not be forced to use these. They will simply stay in the background, ready when you are.

Do I have to use the “Add-ons”? I just want to give users points for commenting and posting.

Of course not! myCred can be a bit intimidating since it offers so many features but just remember, you decide which of these you want to use.

So if you just want to award points for logins, comments or new posts, that’s perfectly fine.

Can I change the name of my myCred installation to something else? (White-labeling)

Yes. The codex entry filter helps you do just that. With this hook you could change your installation to any name. See the codex entry for the myCred_label filter for more details.

How do see my points balance?

By default, you can view your balance in the following locations:

  • If you are using the Tool Bar, your balance is inserted under your profile tab.
  • When editing your WordPress profile details.
  • If you are using BuddyPress you can select to show balances in the profile header and/or profile page.

Furthermore you can also use:

  • The myCred Balance Widget in any sidebar.
  • The myCred_my_balance shortcode in any post/page content or theme template file.

Remember! If you have selected to exclude your own account, you will not see a points balance!

Is myCred compatible with WordPress MU installations?

Yes. myCred support WordPress Multisite Installations.

I have selected to use whole numbers, can I change my installation to start using decimals?

As of version 1.6 yes you can. You can select to use 2 decimal places for one type and none for another. The only limit is that your main point type must be the type that uses the largest number of decimals.

Does myCred cost anything?

No. myCred is a free and open-source plugin released under the GNU 2.0 License. In order to help fund further development of myCred, we have a premium add-on that we sell through our store but myCred will ALWAYS remain free.

Can my points use decimals?

Yes, myCred can be setup to use either whole numbers or decimals.

Can I transfer a license?

Yes. For a fee of 150 Tokens, you can reset a license key and change the domain name it belongs to. It can however not be transferred to other users as of yet.

Do I require a license for all myCred add-ons?

Of course not! The built-in add-ons are free as is myCred. Licenses are only required for our premium add-ons.

My website has changed domain name. Do I need a new license or can I change it?

You can change the domain name by visiting your license page under your profile. Each change carries a fee of 150 Tokens.

My website changed from using http:// to https://, do I need to update my license?

No. Your license will still be working no matter if you use http or https.

Do I need to transfer the license if the website changes owners?

No. Licenses are bound to the domain name and not an individual. You can however transfer a license to another member for a nominal fee.

Can I use premium add-ons on localhost installations? (test sites)

Yes, but you would need to manually update the plugin (when an update is available). Do NOT enter a localhost url for a license!

I do not see any license keys, where do I find it?

You can find your websites license key by visiting your myCred profile and select “Your Licenses” in the menu. By hover the mouse over the domain name in the table the license key is shown.

How should URL’s be formatted for my license?

  • Regular WordPress Site: Enter your sites URL without http/https.
    Examples:, or
  • Multisites: Enter your base sites URL without www or http/https.

What are Licenses for?

Licenses are used for all Premium myCred Add-ons and are required for support and for updates. You are required to have 1 license per website that uses the myCred add-on you have purchased. Without this license, your plugin will not update and no support is offered. The product will however continue to work if your license expires, but you will no longer receive updates or be able to post support tickets.

I havent added any settings for game but the game has all the settings pre defined.

We have added default settings to the myCred PacMan, so if a user doesn’t define the settings, the default settings will be applied.

When a user clears round, does any extra live will be awarded?

No extra lives will be given on clearing a round. The total number of lives will remain same as admin has defined in settings.

What will happen If I refresh the page during Gameplay?

The points are awarded when a user’s PacMan lives are used. So, if during GamePlay the user refreshes the page, all the progress will be lost.

During Gameplay, why it slows down?

The game is developed in JavaScript, and JavaScript code executes in Client’s Browser.
Therefore game might create performance issues if you open a lot of tabs in your browser.
or if you have opened some other heavy programs.
or you haven’t restarted chrome in a long time.

When game slows down, you need to close the excessive tabs/programs and refresh the page containing myCred PacMan.

Can we award Points in Decimal?

No, points will only be awarded in Decimal values.
We have user php floor() function, which rounds a number DOWN to the nearest integer.

If a user is set to get 3.9 points then he will be awarded 3 points.
If a user is set to get 5.1 points then he will be awarded 5 points
If a user is set to get 0.8 points then he will be awarded No points.

Can I limit the Points user can earn by playing this game?

Yes, you can limit the points which users can earn at maximum during a set period. The period can be day/week/month.

or you can limit by Total Points earned (in Total).

or you can set to no limit. User will be able to earn as many Points as he wants if you set it to no limits.

Users score a lot of Points, I cannot afford to give them that much Points.

You have an option to set a value, which will be multiplied with the user’s score and the result will be the points awarded to the user.

For example: If you set the multiplier value to 0.0001 and the user was scoring 40,000 in PacMan Game. Points awarded will be 0.0001 x 40000 = 4 Points.

Will my Credit Card get charged in Test Mode?

No! And, you will find that the payment will be declined by Stripe! You can only use test credit card numbers that Stripe provides in test mode! Equally, you can not use test credit card numbers in Live mode.

Do I have to enter my Test API keys? I will only use the Live mode.

Yes you do. It will allow you to quickly switch over and test any issues you might experience and as easily switch back.

I do not want to use the {{amount}} tag in the button label but even if I remove it from the template it is still showing up. Is this a bug?

No. Stripe requires that the cost the user must pay is clearly shown in the checkout window. If you remove it, Stripe will add it in to the end of your template!

Where do I manage my customers, payments, subscription etc?

You manage these details in your Stripe account. Stripe provides an easy to use setup for customers, payments, subscription and subscription plans.

Do I have to set the logo, title and description for each button? Can I not just use something for all of them?

Yes you can. The values you set in your gateway settings are considered your “Default settings” and is used if the shortcode attributes are not used to override them.

Can I reward existing subscription plan signups or do I have to create brand new plans?

You can use existing plans which will be synced with the gateway. But you can not reward existing subscribers on these plans. In order to do so, the gateway needs two pieces of information: The customers Stripe Customer ID and the Subscription ID. If these pieces of information is available to you for existing customers, you could add support for them via custom code snippets. It will however not be able to give points retroactively!

Do I have to set an expiration (limit) on Purchases?

No. By default, when a user buys your content, the purchase is permanent. The “limit” feature is optional and should only be set if you want to use it.

Do I have to sell the entire content or can I just sell parts of it?

You can either set the entire content up for sale or use the mycred_sell_this or mycred_sell_this_ajax shortcodes to sell parts of your content. Any content placed inside these shortcodes will only be visible to the content author, administrators and those who buys access to them.

Can I share sales with the Content Author?

Yes. You can select to either just charge users for content or share a percentage of the sale with the content author.

Can I put Custom Post Types for sale?

Yes! Besides the default Posts and Pages, you can put any Custom Post Type up for sale. On your myCred settings page, under “Sell Content” you can list all post types that should be set for sale.

Just remember that by defaults posts are not put up for sale, you will need to enable this on a post by post basis.

Can I sell multiple items in a single post?

No. The mycred_sell_this shortcode was built to be used for one post. You can use the shortcode multiple times in a single post but when a purchase is made, all shortcodes will be visible.

Can I use any other image instead of user image

No, this feature isn’t available right now.

Can I use any other template tag in the Social Proof Popup

No, this doesn’t support for all of the template tags, it supports only “%ctype%”, “%creds%” & “%reference%”.

Can I change the Popup Design

Currently, you have the option to change Border Style of the popup (Rounded Border & Square Border)

Can I change the color scheme of the Social Proof popup

We have built-in two themes available (White & Black), you can choose any one of them.

Can I change the content of Social Proof Popup

Yes, you can change the entire text from the Hook settings.

Using multiple point types, is it possible to limit notifications to just specific point types and not all?

Yes it is possible. Those who have multiple point types setup, can select which point types would trigger a notice.

Do I have to use the CSS styling included in the add-on? I would like to design the notifications myself.

Yes you can. You can select to disable all CSS styling in the plugins settings.

Can I disable the automatic hiding of notifications on the screen?

Yes you can. Go to the myCred > Settings page and under “Notifications Plus” set “Durration” to zero. This will cause the notifications to stay on the screen until the user either closes it manually or they continue on to a new page.

Can I set different colors when a user loses points from when they gain points?

Yes, on the myCred > Settings page under “Notifications Plus”, you can select colors for point gains and loses.

Can I set coupons to automatically expire?

Yes, you can set a date when a coupon no longer is usable. myCred will on a daily basis trash coupons for you that has expired. Each time a user attempts to redeem a coupon, the add-on will check if the coupon has expired and trashes it if it has.

How do I stop a coupon from being used?

Simply trash the coupon and it will no longer be available.

Can Coupons generate codes for me?

No. The coupons add-on requires you to setup each coupon that you want to accept on your website.

Can I set how many times a coupon can be used?

Yes. You can set how many times a coupon can be used by each user or in total.

How do I use the myCred_history shortcode inside the [userpro] shortcode?

Simply set the template variable in the [userpro] shortcode to mycred_history and you are set!

Example 1 – Show the users history:

[userpro template=mycred_history]

Example 2 – Show the history only to admins or the user viewing their own profile:

[userpro template=mycred_history history_public=0]

Example 3 – Show the history and set the title of the UserPro box:

[userpro template=mycred_history history_title="Your Point History"]

Example 4 – Show the history of a specific point type:

[userpro template=mycred_history history_type="mycustompointtypekey"]

Example 5 – Show the history with 20 entries instead of the default 10:

[userpro template=mycred_history history_number=20]

Can I use any myCred shortcode via the [userpro] shortcode?

No. Right now only the mycred_history shortcode is supported.

Can I limit by role who can see users balances?

Yes! UserPro allows you to give access to user fields based on their role.

Visit the UserPro admin page and click on the “Role-based Fields” tab.
Here you can select which fields a user can see based on their role.

Note that this requires you to insert your user’s balances yourself. If you have selected in your myCred > Settings > User Pro settings to let the add-on insert balances, you will not be able to use the “Role-based Fields”!


I am trying to “Sync an existing metakey” when adding a new field in User Pro but mycred_default does not show up! Is this a bug?

No. This will happen on brand new installations or when you have added a new point type in myCred and no user has yet received points. Until a user get points they will not have a balance and hence UserPros sync will not find the meta key.

Existing installations where users have already accumulated points should however show the mycred_default and/or your own custom point type’s meta key.

Can I give users points for sharing content on Facebook or other Social Media sites?

myCred has no built-in support for Social Media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

In order to do this, you would need to setup an application on each social media site that communicates back to your website and informs you of your users actions. This is because of privacy. When a user installs your app, they give you permission to collect information about their actions. There are however dedicated sharing plugins for WordPress that has built-in support for myCred. Using these plugins would allow you reward your users with sharing your content.

Can I make my own custom hook?

Yes you can. We have made a tutorial for those would would like to add their own hooks.

Some Hooks contain several instances where points might be given to users. Can I disable parts of them or do I have to use every instance?

You can always disable parts of a hook by awarding zero points. Hooks that have zero points are ignored.

Can users convert points back into a currency?

No. myCred does not offer a withdrawal system. If you are comfortable with PHP, it can be done with ease but it is not a feature that myCred includes.

What is Sandbox Mode?

Sandbox mode is used when you want to make test purchases using the buyCred add-on. This way you can make test purchases to make sure everything works or if you have issues, troubleshoot what the issue might be. If you do not want to make test purchases make sure Sandbox Mode is disabled!

When buying Points using PayPal, can I use any email address?

Yes, buyers can pay using any PayPal email address when purchasing points on your site.

How does my users rank get updated?

The myCred Ranks add-on will automatically check to see if a users rank needs to change during the following instances:

  • When your user registers on your website.
  • When your user gains or loses points.
  • When you publish a new rank or restore a rank from your trash.
  • When you make changes to an already published rank.
  • When a rank gets trashed.

Whats the difference between Ranking and Rank?

“Ranking” is a default feature in myCred that relates to the amount of points users have in comparison to others. The user with the highest amount has ranking 1 the user below him has 2 and so on. You can use the mycred_leaderboard shortcode to present users according to their ranking, giving you the option to show who is most active on your website.

With the Rank Add-on you can create “Ranks” for certain point amount. For example you can create a rank for users who have 0 to 100 points and call them “Newbies” then have another rank for those who have more then 100 but less then 1000 and call them something else. You can also create ranks for users who have negative balances.

Can I create a rank for users with zero or negative balances?

Yes. You can set ranks to either positive or negative values.

Can the myCred_history shortcode show entries for a particular user?

Yes by using the user_id shortcode attribute you can tell the shortcode to only retrieve entries for that particular user. If you want to to use the shortcode in a profile like BuddyPress profile or other community plugins / themes, you will need to add in the shortcode via script and provide the ID of the user from the profile.

Can Shortcodes be used in the wp-admin area?

Yes you can.

I have added a myCred shortcode to my website but it’s rendering in plain text. What am I doing wrong?

If myCred is enabled, make sure you are inserting the shortcode where shortcode usage is supported. Some text widgets, for example, will not support shortcodes. Try adding a different shortcode in the same place to see if that shortcode renders.

Can I use points as my store currency?

Yes! Each point type you add in myCred gets added to the list of currencies in your WooCommerce settings. If used, the format you set for your point type will be enforced throughout WooCommerce. This of course also means that the formatting options WooCommerce provides you will be ignored.

My WooCommerce checkout page shows “Sorry, it seems that there are no available payment methods for your location. Please contact us if you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements.”. How can I fix this?

If your WooCommerce store only accepts myCred points as payments, and the buyer is not logged in or can not afford to pay, then by default myCred will hide the payment gateway causing this message to show on the checkout page. You can force myCred to always show the payment option, even when users can not use it, by applying the following code snippet.

Can users pay part of their WooCommerce order with points and the rest with real money?

Yes and No. WooCommerce will only allow you to pay for an order using one specific gateway. So it’s either points or for example PayPal. But, that being said, you could allow your users to convert their point balance into a WooCommerce coupon that they apply to their order. That would allow them to pay the remaining cost using another gateway. You can see this as an example here on the myCred website. Add a product to your cart, and on the Cart page, you will see that I allow you to convert your points (Tokens) into a coupon. You can give that coupon away for others to use or use it yourself.

What happens if the user empties their cart on which they have made a partial payment?

If the cart gets emptied, either by the user or by a plugin, any partial payments that has been made will get refunded. This will occur even if you select that users can not “Undo” a payment.

I enabled to show my users history in the My Account tab but the content is not visible. What am I doing wrong?

When you setup this feature for the first time or every time you change the SLUG for this page, you will need to set your Permalinks. To do this, go to your Settings > Permalinks page in your wp-admin area, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Save Changes button.

Can a user undo their payment if they change their mind?

If you allow them, yes! There is a dedicated setting where you are asked if users can undo a payment or not.

If I allow SMS payments, can I still use the myCred_transfer shortcode for transfers done via my website?

Yes of course, the two add-ons operates independently of each other.

Can I enforce the transfer limit I have set in the Transfer Add-on for SMS payments?

Yes, the same limits can be imposed.

Will Twilio charge me for sending a SMS reply for transfers?

Yes. If you set to return a reply, you will be charged for the outgoing SMS message by Twilio. Please consult their website for your local pricing.

At what time are pending transfers paid out each day?

The same time you enabled the plugin. The add-on will run a WordPress Cron job once each day and payout all pending transfers for that day and not just pending transfers up until that point. So if you enabled the plugin at 2 PM, this will run every day at 2 PM.

You can always re-schedule this by disabling then re-enabling the plugin in your admin are at the time you want the cron to run.

Does this add-on work with myCred 1.4 or lower?

No. This add-on requires myCred 1.5.2 or higher to work!

How can I exempt a specific user from transfer fees?

Simply visit your “Users” page in the admin area and locate the user you want to exempt. Once you found this user, click on their username to go to their profile edit page. Here, click on the Point Type you want them to be free from paying transfer fees.

Note that you can only exempt users from fees for point types that a user can transfer.

Does myCred support the CubePoints Buddypress Integration plugin?

No. The features that the CubePoints Buddypress Integration plugin offers are supported by the myCred BuddyPress add-on by default.

I want to charge a user for creating a group, can I disable group creation for users who does not have enough points?

Yes. You can set a negative value for either “Creating Group” or “Joining Group” which will restrict a user from creating or joining any group unless they have enough points without going minus on their account.

I do not see an update message when I view a video!

The update notice under the video is only inserted when you earn points from watching. If you have already earned the maximum amount for a video, no update is shown.

Does the Video add-on use the myCred_video shortcode?

Yes! No new shortcode is needed as the Video add-on replaces the built in mycred_video shortcode. The shortcode will automatically detect if the video id is for YouTube or Vimeo videos.

Can I use template tags in my posts or any widget?

No. Template tags were created for myCred log templates and widgets only. Using these template tags in for example in your post titles can cause some serious rendering issues with your log.

When transferring points, I do not see a pop-up window but if I reload the page, the points have been transferred. Is this a bug?

No. If you do not get any pop-up messages when you transfer, you are using a pop-up blocker and should either allow the website to use pop-ups or disable it.