By default, myCRED logs everything it does in a custom table in your database. As an administrator you can select what and how things get logged and with the help of template tags, you can create dynamic log entries.

The main myCRED Log page can be accessed via the myCRED menu in your WordPress admin area. Here you can view all log entries and select to filter by:

  • Date
  • User ID
  • Reference

Furthermore you can select under “Screen Options” how many log entries to show. This is so we don’t have to load a very large log when you just want to see a very few.

You can also search the logs “Entry” fields or select what order the results should be shown.

myCRED inserts a sub page under your Users menu in your admin area where users can see their own log entries. Each user that visits this page only sees their own entries and any filtering or searches they do are only done in relation to their own account.

If you are using BuddyPress, myCRED will insert a custom profile page where your users can view their log entries.

For all other cases, you can always use the mycred_history shortcode to insert the log in any post or page content!