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Current Version: 1.2

The Transfer add-on allows your users to transfer points amongst themselves. You can let them transfer as much as they want or impose a daily/weekly limit for each user.


The Transfer add-on allows your users to transfer points amongst themselves. You can let them transfer as much as they want or impose a daily/weekly limit for each user. Furthermore you can use this add-on to allow users to donate points directly to a post author.



To make a transfer, a user has to either type in a members username or search for a user. Once a user starts typing in the “Recipient” field, myCRED will start searching for usernames and present a drop-down menu with suggestions. A minimum of 2 characters are required before a search is made.

If you are imposing a daily or weekly transfer limit, myCRED will check the current users balance before the form is generated. This means that if a user is over their limit or do not have enough points, they will not have access to the transfer form.

By using the shortcode with a recipient id set, you could use it to create “Donations” or “Fund Raisers” as all transfers made will be deposited into one specific users account.

Remember that users who are excluded will not see either the transfer widget or the transfer shortcode!


  1. Enable the “Transfer” add-on on the “Add-ons” sub-menu page in the “myCRED” menu.
  2. Visit the “Settings” sub-menu page and click on “Transfer CREDs” to view the default settings.
  3. Adjust the default settings to your needs and click “Update Settings” on the bottom of the page to save.
  4. Decide if you want to use the mycred_transfer shortcode to present the transfer form or use the Transfer widget (or both):
    • Using the Widget
      Once this add-on is enabled you will gain access to the “myCRED Transfer” widget which you can use in any sidebar. Simply insert the widget in the sidebar of your choice and give it a title.
      Select if you want to include the current users balance and their transfer limit (if used) and click “Save”.
    • Using the Shortcode
      Insert the mycred_transfer shortcode in your page or post content and click “Update”.
  5. Done! – Now your users can transfer points to each other by either using the form your sidebar or on a particular page where you inserted the shortcode.

Minimum Requirements

  • Your theme must support the use of WordPress Shortcodes.
  • Your theme must support¬†Widgets.
  • Your theme must have jQuery enabled.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When transferring points, I do not see a pop-up window but if I reload the page, the points have been transferred. Is this a bug?
    No. If you do not get any pop-up messages when you transfer, you are using a pop-up blocker and should either allow the website to use pop-ups or disable it.

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  • Add Transfer Messages (Intermediate)
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The following demos require you to be a myCRED.me member to use. Membership is free and you get 1000 Chips on signup to play with.

Default Transfer Usage

This is the default layout and functionality of the mycred_transfer shortcode. Please consult the Codex for a complete list of options for this shortcode.

[mycred_transfer types="chip" show_balance="0" show_limit="0"]

Donation Example

Using the new improved Transfer shortcode that comes in 1.5, you can now change the button label directly for this shortcode and set a custom reference for all transfers. In the example below, I am using some custom CSS to hide the recipient field (which we have no use for).

[mycred_transfer pay_to="1" button="Donate" ref="donate_to_mycred" show_balance="0" show_limit="0" types="chips"]

Donate your Tokens to myCRED!

If the ref shortcode attribute is set, the transfer limit for this reference will be separate from the main transfer limit. This way you can set a weekly limit for each unique reference you use.